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AZTEC Special Announcement

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It is not often something this monumental occurs. When AZTEC (Assistance, Zeal, Trade, Economic & Combat Treaty) was first signed in early 2008, it was simply a glorified MADP between 2 great friends with a lot of potential. The bond between GLOF and NV was unbreakable. Shortly afterwards, a great friendship formed with PUKE, who also signed on as a 3rd member. Nearly 9 months later, after all the babies that we made together popped out and started hogging all the milk, 1TF became our 4th signatory, and AZTEC went from being a sharp and pointy triangle, to a slightly less sharp square.

This was slightly short-lived, as PUKE encountered a series of unfortunate events that led to it's disbandment, and AZTEC was back down to 3 members. But you could not ask for 3 better signatories.

Today almost exactly 9 months since we last announced a new signatory, AZTEC celebrates the joining of the Republic of Aquisgrana; an alliance that has time and time again proven to be one of the most competent forces on Planet Bob. RoA's birth was riddled with drama, but they never caved in to threats or abuse. In fact, they prospered. It is my pleasure to welcome them into this family; one that has always stood beside it's allies through good times and bad.

o/ The Republic of Aquisgrana


Signed for 1 Touch Football

Chairman: Mayzie

Marketing Director: AndrewS

Managing Director: Melek

Economics Director: Mahmah

Firms Director: Paulh83

Commercial Director: Jextin

Entertainment Director: Dongore

Signed for Nueva Vida

Emperor: Nelchael

Lord of Brotherhood: Hizzy

Lord of the Interior: Space Ghost

Lord of War: Shaunbing

Lord of the Exchequer: Rin Heine

Imperial Advisor: Owned-You

Imperial Advisor: R.K. TriggerHappy

High Priest: Zen

Signed for The Grand Lodge of Freemasons

Grand Master: Alaric

Grand Chance: Penedono

Grand Superintendent: Kuhnini

Grand Knight: Walking Dead

Grand Treasurer: Sicotic



Signed for the Republic of Aquisgrana,


Elfriede Riotte-Minister Legati

Sherman-Minister Frugalitas

Kaiser Milch-Minister Immigrationis

Kurt von Equord-Minister Defensionis

Smylie-Minister Domesticus

PS: RoA is no longer part of Nueva Vida's protectorate bloc, Nueva Sangre. We wish RoA the best as they venture into the world, and we hold no ill will toward them. I'm sure the tinfoil hat brigade will start to spin the conspiracies as to what spawned this, but we assure you it was on mutual terms. Thanks for your time.

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On behalf of the Republic of Aquisgrana, I thank everyone who has worked so hard to make this happen, especially our friends in Nueva Vida, 1 Touch Football, and the Grand Lodge of Freemasons.

In addition, there is one person without whom none of this would have happened, our beautiful and charming Minister of Foreign Affairs, Elfriede Riotte (alias "nosoup4u"). She has my eternal gratitude for her infinite patience and absolutely unfailing skill at Foreign Affairs.

We are grateful to Hizzy and Nelchael and all our friends in Nueva Vida (like karthking) for everything they have done for us, but above all, for their unflagging friendship and indispensable support for us from before we even existed.

Thank you everyone. We are honored to be among such fine people.

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good luck with that :)

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Awesome news! Thanks to all the good folks in AZTEC for giving us this opportunity. We will not let you down.


o/ Hizzy

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I've always had a certain respect for AZTEC, ever since WotC. To be quite honest, this should come as no surprise, that the latest member is RoA. Class tends to flock towards class. :)

o/ RoA


o/ 1TF


o/ NV

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yay roa!

congrats all around

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Happy Sherman is happy.

Special thanks to Hizzy for putting us up on the corner and pimping us hard.

Also our wonderful MoFA, Elfriede.

And many thanks to all our well wishers around Bob.

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AZTEC are like my favorite people in the world, this is a glorious occasion. may we all get the chance to fight together again :D

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