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Missiles over Zargathia!


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From a military facility in Zargathia, a single cruise missile would be fired. It continued to gain altitude for a few minutes as it traveled up to what was the optimal range for that model, and after that was completed it would veer to the unfortunate nation that was to be targeted. It was unclear as to whom would be targeted fur such an attack given the recent string of incidents that had ended up with several nations being attacked by nuclear weaponry, but the fact that one such missile was underway was undeniable. The missile slowed its ascent, soon now it would be clear what it had been targeted on...

...But then, its fuel ran out, and the missile started to fall, deploying a parachute for the purposes of its safe retrieval. Several minutes later, a Zargathian press conference was held on the matter, led by Queen Amyante and several scientists and engineers.

- "Some time ago, Zargathia has successfully launched its first missile. We wish to stress that the missile in question has been developed and built solely for the purposes of testing launch capability, and fits into a series of tests on rocket fuel as part of a larger project of getting a Zargathian satellite into space. This will mark the first time we have released information about this project to the general public, and while specific details are understandably still classified we shall answer what questions we are able to."

The Queen folded her hands on the table in front of her, and waited for the first of the reporters to speak up. She didn't doubt this move had caused quite a few concerns, but it had been something that had to be done in order not to delay the research.

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OOC: I targeted it, it was just a missile test :P


"The missile project? Not that long actually, most of the technology involved in its creation is already available to us. The purposes of this specific test however was to test an experimental type of fuel that would be more cost efficient than the type we currently use, in order to advance the satellite project."

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- "The results of the test will be known to us once the missile has been taken apart... But considering the missile hasn't blown itself up and made it back safely i'd call it an improvement. I apologize for the scare though."

One of the scientists choked in his drink hearing Amyante's quip and, still hoarse, reached for the microphone to speak.

"There is still much that could have gone wrong, and even though the reentry system proved operational special attention will need to be given to its engine and coolant system components before determining how successful this test was."

Edited by Amyante
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