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The Inca Empire


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Official Emblem of the Inca Empire

Pachúlco hung his head in sorrow as his fathers' body passed by. The beating of the drum in the background was slow and monotone. With his fathers' untimely death, Pachúlco was now emperor of the Inca Empire. He was the Sapa Inca.

On this day the Inca Empire mourns for the passing of its previous Sapa Inca. Although it is a sorrowful time, the Empire would like to affirm that it remains as strong and united as ever. The new Sapa Inca, Pachúlco, is a wise and clever young man who shows much promise. We hope that he will be every bit as great as the previous emperor.

OOC: Yeah, the Inca Empire apparently started about a hundred years before it did in real life (assuming this RP started in 1066). Whatever XD

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