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Almovarid Empire


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The Almovarid Dynasty has united the last of the Berbers of Africa. Their empire stretches for a thousand miles and encompasses the wealth of the greatest knowledge and military powers this side of Africa. Christian Europe fears their name, and fear for their lives from the enemies at her gates.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin, may he rule forever.

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OOC: One line, ONE BULLET! Srsly...


As a runner on his King's errand to deliver the news of the reformation of the Old Empire came across this news, he sent word for the king.

"His Lordship, King Maric of Zingara bids you welcome and looks forward to trade with your empire." the notes said, as the runner dropped it off at the nearest outpost. The runner then continued along his route to spread the word about Zingara.

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