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I have a question


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You'll never find her, she's always in the another castle.

She's always in the castle you least suspect. Her own.

As far as OOC goals of Polaris? I would probably say having the best community for people to come and join. Sure there's a lot of old folk, but we make it so you feel welcome even being in the alliance just a day.

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brainwash the members into a cult following of me with blind dedication

1. Construct Additional Pylons

2. Eat bacon

3. Spawn More Overlords

4. ????


Overthrow our leaders and use their fatty carcasses to power the destructor fleets

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To get a patch that makes Hearts of Iron III playable.

I'm afraid that such a patch exists already. It's a standalone game called Hearts of Iron II.

Also, our goal is to spread excitement all over the world with Haruhi Suzumiya, er find Aliens, Time Travellers and ESPers and play with them.

Oh hell, *ahem* to have fun.

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