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Uprising in Espei, Turnover of Capital to Rebels


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In the desert sands, blood has been spilt. Espei, a small Arab nation previously under single-party rule has just been overrun in a guerrilla war thats lasted for less than a year. We now reveal the story...

About fifteen years ago, under complete political oppression, many citizens of the former Espei fled the country, retreating into NGO refugee camps. Many of which were the youth. Raised in the harsh settings of the refugee camps, guerrilla forces began to assemble, determined to regain citizenship in their home country, and remove the former ruler, Anwar Nasser. The Liberating Guerrilla Forces, under the command of Malar Mu'ayyad, in the past week, liberated prisons containing political opponents to the Nasser Regime. Using new found numbers, the guerrilla fighters flourished in the chaos of the deminishing country. The military police forces under the Nasser Regime were defeated in a large skirmish yesterday in the outskirts of the capital city, Atla'kam. Many civilians were killed. The numbers have yet to be published.

Assuming command, Mu'ayyad has brought swift changes to the political values of the former Espei. With the uprising backed by the majority of citizens, supressed by the Nasser Regime, Mu'ayyad has quickly changed the name of the country to Agrion.

Refugees of the Nasser Regime flee the country at the moment, pouring over the borders in the thousands. It is estimated, however, that there are more Nasser Regime political activists fleeing the country than former, oppressed citizens that composed the EFA, the Espei Freedom Armies. The EFA is presumed to undergo the same changes that the government did previously.

News reporters are on the scene now, attempting to discover any information on Malar Mu'ayyad and his new intentions with the country in his hands.

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