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A Golden Union


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Official Declaration to the European Continent

December 31st, 1248

In the interest of God, Gold, and Glory, we, the Kingdom of Spain and Portugal, the Papal States, The Marquisate of Verona, The Duchy of Spoleto, The Principalities of Benevento, Capua, Salemo, and Sicily, Sardinia, and The Maritime Republics of Venice, Genoa, Pisa, Amalfi, Ragusa, Ancona, Gaeta, and Sorrento, declare the union of all entities listed above, excluding a small piece of land in Rome, to be in union, creating the Kingdom of Spain, Italy, and Portugal. Our first king to rule over this magnificent kingdom of the land and sea has been chosen by our Most Holy Lord. His Majesty, King Ferdinand III, has been appointed through the most Divine Spirit to lead our glorious state.


Ferdinand III

King of Spain and Portugal

Angelo Sanudo

Duke of Venice

Michael VIII Palaiologos

Duke of Genoa

Pietro Moriconi

Duke of Pisa

Marinus Sebastus

Duke of Amalfi

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