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Moravia DoE

Stefano Palmieri

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--Bern Switzerland--

The heads of the 13 major Cantons of Switzerland were in a room in the Hall of Bern. They were beat. There was nothing they could do. In the room with them, was one King Mojir III. Mojir was King of Maravia, which consisted of the Elector states of Austria, Liechtenstein, and Bratislava, as well as the area known as Moravia, Czech Bohemia, and the Slovak States (a name I made up ;)). They could not have fathomed that this would happen. How were they to know that he could march such an Army across the mountains into Switzerland. The Sacking of St Gallen, the Impenetrable fortress forced them to give up their independence. If St Gallen could fall they All could. One by One they got up and signed the treaty, which incorporate them into Moravia as elector states.

With the treaty signed, the Electors walked out. Mojir was now supreme ruler of Moravia and the unification was almost complete.

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"Mon Roi." The chamberlain, Thibauld bowed as he walked into the throne room. A great fire blazed in the hearth, as Phillipe held Katherine, his wife's hand as they sat against the thrones, nearing the end of the daily audiences. "Mon Roi." Thibauld repeated. "I have received a missive from our south-eastern border. That which lays along the Swiss Cantons. The guards have reported the sight of Moravian troops nearing our own border and Swiss flags replaced, our commanders have reason to believe that the Swiss have been taken over by the Moravians."

"Is this something to be concerned over Mon Roi?" Said Simon La Brun. La Brun was Phillipe's captain of the Royal Knights, a trusted man since birth who had been with the king throughout the unification of France.

"At the moment, no. Of course the Swiss were the last free state on our borders. These nation-states are going to give us problems in the future, unless we can make some showing of peace in Western Europe and concentrate their power on the east."

"Our defenses are still being build Mon Roi."

"Well don't concern yourself with the Moravians attacking Simon. Send a messenger to Bern and from there wherever he can find Mojir. I have a missive to deliver to him."


Your Excellence,

I must congratulate you on the recent subjugation of the Swiss Cantons. However this brings our great nations in direct contact with each other on our borders. For the stability of our kingdoms, I would suggest a meeting between either ourselves, or if that cannot be arranged, between representatives of our people. To discuss the future between Moravia and France and Western Europe in general. I await, in haste, your response.

Your Humble Servant,

Phillipe Valois

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