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The Iroquois Confederacy


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Eagle's Spirit silently stalked his prey, every sense focused on this present task. He carefully checked every time he put his foot down, not taking so much as a step until he was sure it would make no sound. He was also downwind of the animal, bringing no smell to the creature. With a mental prayer to the spirits to guide his arm, he lifted his bow, strung an arrow on it, and carefully let fly. The deer collapsed, feeling no pain, though the others, seeing their friend die, fled like wolves were after them. And it had collapsed away from him, meaning he could re-use the arrow. Not a problem when they had access to all the material they needed to make plenty of arrows, but it was better to not waste when one did not have to. It was a good kill...the gathering of chiefs would have another excellent meal tonight... -------- 3 days later Five tribes, nay, nations, had come together. In an unprecedented move, the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca nations had come together under one banner, to form the Iroquois Confederacy. From now on, while each remained distinct with their own customs and identity, they would fight as one, make peace, as one. Any who would threaten one, would have to deal with all. To ensure that the memories of this historic agreement were not lost to their descendents, a number of elders had been present at the negotiations, and much Wampum had been woven and threaded each day, to remind them of what had taken place...

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