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Pamphlets on the German Nation

Sargun II

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A priest who wishes to remain anonymous wrote a series of pamphlets about the German state that are widely read among the German people. They were posted in most every major city (sometimes several times) and have become somewhat of a sensation among particularly proud Germans.

Economics in Germany

Despite having recently spent an inordinate amount of time conquering the Low Countries, Germany still manages to keep a strong economy. Stability is key, and stable is Germany - with the almost complete loss of both the German and Dutch navies in the recent war, the navies have been temporarily abolishes. A large flow of tax money spent on building and upkeeping the navy was transferred to rebuilding the conquered Dutch territories - and with immediate success. After the war, it is estimated that money flowing into the German state was boosted close to fifty percent. Massive amounts of manpower have been put into manufacturing German war material and now that the war is over and the navy is abolished, the manpower has been put to use gathering minerals and rebuildings the country.

Religion in Germany

Germany is almost entirely Catholic - and has a large amount of churches in and around the cities. Priests and churches are common sights in small German towns, with larger cities struggling to make a presence known through the burgeoning population.

Health in Germany

Despite the recent war, mortality rates are the lowest in years. Illnesses are generally contained and the church has hired many great thinkers into finding reasons as to why certain people fall ill and others do not. Many experiments have been tried on hundreds of German citizens with limited success - but the successes that did happen have led to a larger focus into studying illnesses. Only two months ago did the first "hospital" open in Germany with the cooperation of several churches in Berlin.

Military in Germany

The German state is still reeling from a rather destructive war with the Dutch. Most major military outposts and cities were destroyed by a single Dutch force that carved swaths through Germany before being bottled up and decisively defeated by a smaller, more agile force. Several German generals died and most Dutch militarymen were killed. However, the German war machine remains strong, with several border defenses along the lines of France, Poland, and Denmark. Helping to keep these border defenses up is the heavy use of labor camps filled with criminals. In every city there is a volunteer militia that helps patrol and keep the law of the land.

Education in Germany

Education is vital in Germany - in some ways more than war. While the majority of the population is illiterate, the church has started a new campaign to spread literacy through teachings with the Holy Bible. Many church-run schools have popped up in Germany to teach about basic mathematics and literacy with a heavy emphasis on history. While education is still struggling to reach its full potential, two major universities (church sponsored) have recently opened up in Nuremburg and Berlin.

Foreign Affairs

Germany hosts a foreign ministry in every major city and has several major trading harbors - most of which are open for trade. Germany holds a policy of hostility against Denmark and has recently threatened to cut off all land trade.

//OOC: essentially my DoE, it explains the current situation Germany is in.

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