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A joint Khaz Modan - 68JackDaniels Announcement

Krunk the Great

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Pope Kimbo Accords


youwish959|afk - StarKrunk[NSO] MADP

Preamble - In the interest of spreading the philosophies of the Angry Nun Doctrine and Kimbo Slice to the world outside of the New Sith Order, 68JackDaniels (Hereafter known as youwish959|afk) and Khaz Modan (Hereafter known as StarKrunk[NSO]) henceforth commit themselves to the morality of the MADP. This will seal the fate of all immorality in the signatory's respective nations.

Article I - youwish959|afk and StarKrunk[NSO] recognize the need to have peace between their nations should civil war break out. The undersigned agree to defend each other in arenas public and private.

Article II - youwish959|afk and StarKrunk[NSO] recognize the need to have each others backs when immoral, evil entities attempt to pervade their personal bubbles. The undersigned agree to co-operatively be aggressors when it is found to benefit them both.

Article III - The undersigned shall give 10 minutes notice on IRC of intent to cancel the treaty

-Signed for Khaz Modan-

Darth Angry Nun, Lord Masamune the Lord Protector of the Holy Fire, Deliverer of Evil, Exporter of Green Glowy Goodness, StarKrunk[NSO]

-Signed for 68JackDaniels-

Kaiserstag youwish959 Supreme Conqueror of Communism

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