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A new beginning

Acca Dacca

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Mykhail Rorcach, once an aspiring novice in the ranks of the National Guard of Acca Dacca, had always been a bit naive. For the good of experimentation, for the good of empiric proof that certain things were, in fact, possible, he had on numerous occasions driven his superiors weary of him. He studied especially the Generals of Nordland, and the deep knowledge these ... people had about militaristic strategy and their defensive components as they tampered with the forces of the entire world. Not that he was a high ranked officer in the ranks of the reemerging National Gaurd, no, but he was very, very inquisitive about everything.

Anyhow, as an aspiring novice, he soon got to handle basic Militaristic strategies and basic fighting skills, and because of his interest of all things offensively strategic, he soon got enlisted in the supporting forces for the ‘advancement’ of Acca Dacca, as an advisor; better make him do something useful before someone gets hurt. It was rumored that Lucas Perry, the queen’s uncle, had turned to a darker side and found himself hunting for people of a dangerous nature, Mykep had fallen, and things were amiss in the world. War in Europe, international strife and corruption had begun to effect the nation he called home.

During the Aoholes Rebellion, Mykhail Rorcach saw the most terrible things and horrid actions. Though he was interested in what he saw, and often wondered what kind of skill it took to get into the position to launch such things against your own people. Could it possibly be a future role for him? His twisted mind enjoyed the strategy that was implored to defeat the enemies at home, but he didn’t get an observers view. To him, its hard to watch the game if hes playing it. As months passed, he as well as the soldiers he didn’t watch die in front of him began to explore other ways of advancing their nation.

Then, during a skirmish outside the early capital on the Solomon Islands, Mykhail Rorcach saw his own end, in the form of a hidden machine gun nest exploding to the right of his position. As his body left the floor, it left him with the question: What have I done in my life to reach a level of importance in the eyes of others? But all went dark...

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