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One Coup, Two Coup


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Just like almost everything else in life, alcohol makes CN better. A couple weeks ago Syrik experimented with this prospect, unfortunately he decided to go a little too hard, but no harm in that right? Just makes for some more fun? Right? Well depending on your definition of fun, yes and no. Long story short he left the alliance, went rogue, then woke up the next morning not remembering any of it, although this situation has been resolved.

A consequence of all this is that somehow little ol’ me ascended to the top spot over here at Poison Clan, now that’s a scary thought. So as my first order of business I would like to appoint TwistedRebelDB47 as my second in command. Many of you know him as Planet Bobs biggest land whore, but I know he is more then qualified for this job as he is one of the main people responsible for making Poison Clan what it is today under his rein in the past.

Now as my second order of business in charge of Poison Clan, I am stepping down and resigning as leader of Poison Clan. I am no longer active enough or have the time to barely be a part of the Poison Clan community, let alone the Leader. So this means that TwistedRebelDB47 is again the head honcho over at Poison Clan and I know only good things are in store for the future with him in change.

o/ Poison Clan

o/ Twisted

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It’s always good to be back at the helm of Poison Clan. In April I realized that as the summer drew near I’d have less and less time to sit by the computer, but with September comes school, with school comes procrastination, and with procrastination comes time to spend working for the alliance again.

As first order of business, I will be appointing Don Fernando as my second in command of Poison Clan.

The rest of Government is as follows:

Internal Affairs: CitizenKane - The Computer

Finance: Mishi

Foreign Affairs: Derwood1 - The Dealthstalker Scorpion

Hybrid Venom: Mushi - The Jellyfish

Domain: Banslam - The Platypus

You can visit us on IRC at #poisonclan or at our forums at www.poisonclan.net.


Land whore extraordinaire

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Welcome back,

Your dreams were your ticket out.

Welcome back,

To that same old place that you laughed about.

Well the names have all changed since you hung around,

But those dreams have remained and they're turned around.

Who'd have thought they'd lead ya (Who'd have thought they'd lead ya)

Here where we need ya (Here where we need ya)

Yeah we tease him a lot cause we've got him on the spot, welcome back,

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

Good to see ya T.

....also you guys should get a mashi and a meshi for govt to go with mushi and mishi...that would be lullsworthy.

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