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It Takes Time To Make Good Cannolis


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The Family and Kronos are friends. We've been friends for quite some time now. We'll mutually defend each other and optionally attack together. Here's proof of just that:



It Takes Time To Make Good Cannolis


Article 1

Kronos and The Family do hereby acknowledge a mutual relationship of peace, defense and trust between their respective alliances.

Article 2

Kronos and The Family shall refrain from any actions that would compromise the safety and security of the others alliance.

Article 3

Should either alliance receive intelligence that would indicate actions being taken by a third party that would place either alliance in harms way, they are required to share this intelligence with the other alliance.

Article 4

Should Kronos or The Family come under attack, the other is required to join battle against the offending alliance. The Alliance that is attacked as part of the original offense, can choose to waive this obligation. Should this clause be activated as a result of retaliatory treaty obligations against a signatories offensive military actions, then this clause becomes optional.

Article 5

Kronos and The Family do not believe in spying, bullying, or intimidation as methods of achieving a goal. Should either signatory be attacked because of the aforementioned, defense of that signatory is optional.

Article 6

Kronos and The Family pledge to attempt to reconcile any disagreements between their alliances diplomatically before any further action is taken.

Article 7

This treaty can be cancelled by either party so long as Article 6 has been satisfied. Cancellation requires 72 hour notice. After the 72 hour cool down period has expired, this treaty becomes a non renewable Non Aggression Pact with a duration of 6 days.

Article 8

This treaty will come into review 60 days from the initial signing. Should the treaty be upheld after this initial renewal, then the treaty will be up for renewal every 90 days following. There is a grace period of 7 days for renewal. This grace period can be waived by canceling this treaty as delineated under Article 6. Failure to renew within the 7 day grace period automatically activates a mutual cancellation and this treaty becomes a non renewable Non Aggression Pact with a duration of 6 days.

Article 9

In the case of either signatory being discovered utilizing the tactics detailed in clause 5, or acting in violation of the spirit of this treaty, an immediate review of this treaty will be conducted as detailed in Item 8.


Epiphanus - Harbinger of Light

Vesalius - Harbinger of Light

De Caelo - Harbinger of Light

Masterof9Puppets - Harbinger of War

Porkers - Harbinger of Prosperity

The Family

Bomber66, Godfather

claphamsa, Underboss

Lord Ditka, Consigliere

Boss of Internal Affairs, BlackjackCF

Boss of Foreign Affairs, MrSonny

Boss of War, Andrewbw

Capos; PatBrown1413, Madame Unicorn, FectaSupreme, Kewlleo


After a somewhat stressful beginning to November, we at Kronos would like to announce De Caelo as the new Harbinger of Light. He will serve as a replacement to Heracles who was forced to retire from CN by RL.

So I'd also like to take this time to congratulate and welcome De Caelo on his entrance to office. Keep up the good and hard work.

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