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Malvinian Prime Minister elections

Zoot Zoot

Prime Minister vote  

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Candidate 1

Gordon Brown


*Democratic Socialism,

*Social Democracy,

*Third Way,


*Political position Centre-left




*Stop immigration


*heavy right wing

John Master Bates




*Stop immigration

*work camps

Anderson Price



*Peaceful relations

*International Relations


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Ok the preliminary results are in for the first elections

Gordon Brown is at 4 votes

Anderson Price is at 5

John Master Bates is at 5

Anderson and John will now face a general election to decide the fate of the nations leaderships.

OOC, will make new thread

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OOC: You've obviously never followed an American presidential election.

OOC no because im british.

only sorta followed the most recent one cos of obama. and even then it was only a half assed attention span for it :)

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