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3BR - Aqua Team


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Full pending in game confirmation.

Aqua team, looking to establish a trade circle for big three, ideally with Fish and Uranium as the wild card slots. Sign up with a link to your nation and I'll pm you as far as establishing the trade circle.

====Necessary Trade====

1-Aluminum: Xoirun

2-Cattle: bloodman1122

3-Iron: Jack Straw

4-Lumber: Luklinda

5-Marble: Xoirun

6-Pigs: Phetion

7-Spices: Jack Straw

8-Sugar: ugurB

9-Water: ugurB

10-Wheat: Luklinda

====Desired Wild Card====

11-Fish: Phetion

12-Uranium: bloodman1122




Fast Food

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I got Aluminum and Marble. I am willing to switch to Aqua. Though you will be competing for me with a orange trade circle that is full but is waiting for a member to respond. Add me for now though since I want a back up TC. My nation link

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