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A New Era for the German Empire

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Greetings Citizens of Planet Bob!

Allow me to introduce myself as Princess Victoria. I have been appointed by His Imperial Majesty Kaiser Frederick II as the Kaiserin of the German Empire upon his abdication of the throne. I look forward to helping the Empire to prosper and nurturing diplomatic ties both new and old during my rule as Kaiserin.

Long live the Emperor!

Long live the Empire!

Gott mit uns!

Her Imperial Majesty,


Princess Victoria

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No long introduction speech? It is sad that my Cousin has forfeited his throne and means the "Emperors Birthright Pact" is now void with his abdication. Where to now for TGE - TRE Relations? Since me and my Cousin held excellent relations i did not see it necessary to form many bonds with other higher up TGE Government Officials.

Most Concerning but i guess well done on the appointment.

-Nicholas II

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You've made an excellent point, Emperor Nicholas! Since in "RP terms" I am the daughter of the Kaiser, I was next in line to rule and the Emperor's Birthright Pact is still valid. I will be glad to uphold current relations with TRE and look forward to speaking with you in the future.



Edited by Princess Victoria
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