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Housing Boom


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Housing Construction Boom Ongoing


"Today the Secretary of State, Dr. Phillip Roger Stroud announced that a housing construction boom is on going in the Old Dominion. New found statistics from the Committee on Housing indicate that an unprecedented number of homes that had been offered on the Housing market are being snatched up by homeowners who are moving into the region, causing a population boom in addition to the housing boom.

In response to these developments, the government has parceled out several areas of undeveloped available for residential construction, to avoid a potential shortage of houses in the country. Newly formed Construction company JRT Construction is handling the building of the homes for the whole state.

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OOC: but if i put them in a news thread, people wont comment; and I like the comments from people they make me feel noticed, I will do as you say though

OOC: Eventually everyone is going to ignore you after seeing a dozen or so of your threads clogging up the Fantasy RP section. Plus, it would be harder for other people to dig through your nation's development after that report or something is buried 10+ pages beneath other threads.

There is a reason why most RPers around here use a news development thread instead of dozens of single scraps of their nation's development, to prevent clogging up the forum with useless threads. If you have noticed, many of the news development threads here have large amount of views compared to posts made in it, that means people will still view your CNRP nation's development and news even though all of them are compacted in a single thread.

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