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Nuclear warfare...

Tiberius C Nero

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Face it, Nuclear warfare in CN is nowhere close to being realistic.

CN being a simulation. IRL there is simply no way 1 nuke is going to plung the average nation into anarchy. I think the most conservative ones that were capable of anarchy were the "Red Dawn" scenario (27 nuclear weapons launched at the US aimed at Gov and communications centers) and the "Amerika" Scenario (6 nuclear weapons detonated at 32 miles Altitude utilizing Electromagnetic Pulse effect to shut down communications nation wide).

Conventional Nuclear warfare (NATO First strike, SEATO First Strike, Warsaw Pact First strike etc etc) are usually massive salvos consisting of many thousands of weapons.

I personally feel that one nuke in CN, though devastating, shouldn't be enough to anarchy a nation. I feel one nuke should simply put the recipient in a state of emergency

where taxes and efficiency etc would be hit, but no anarchy. There should be an option to

launch a Nuclear Salvo which would be the launch of several weapons at once (Like a RL nuclear war). You would specify the number of weapons to launch. a Nuclear Salvo would anarchy the recipient. There would be a max # of weapons that could be launched. and the # of weekly salvos would be limited. Your thoughts?

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