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It is with great pleasure, that I am able to announce this protectorate treaty between The Shadow Confederacy Empire and Galactic Imperium, we have defended each other in the past and it is only fitting that we continue that tradition, without further delay, I present our protectorate treaty.

Article I: Preamble

The Shadow Confederacy Empire hence forth known as TSCE and Galactic Imperium hence forth known as GI have seen fit to sign this protectorate treaty, TSCE the protector and GI the protected.

Article II: Sovereignty

The alliances of TSCE and GI agree to respect and uphold each other's sovereignty. Neither shall try to impede on this sovereignty through espionage or overthrowing their respective governments.

The only exception to this rule is foreign affairs, which will be jointly managed by the foreign affairs divisions of TSCE and GI respectively.

Article III : Protection , Advisory & Economics

TSCE will protect GI with the same vigour and profoundness as an attack on TSCE itself, in the case that GI is attacked, TSCE will utilize all means at their disposal to assist, including military, financial and diplomatic means.

TSCE will appoint a Governor General to its GI on a purely advisory role, they will confer on technology and economic cooperation for the mutual growth of both alliances.

Article IV: Intelligence

If either signatory comes into possession of knowledge regarding to the safety and security of the other, then it is there obligation to ensure that the knowledge is passed forthwith to the other.

Article V: Termination

Any breach of any of the terms listed above may warrant grounds for this treaties termination. This protectorate may be terminated at any time during peace, though the withdrawing signatory agrees to notify and uphold the treaty 72 hours in advance.

Signed For TSCE:

E.Grievous, The Emperor

Shadow Lurker, The Consul Vizier

Sir Digbycc , The Consul Commander

Rude Land, PoIA

Stoopid Ace, PoI

Signed for GI:

Supreme Commander: Patton

Grand General: Hakaisha



o/ GI

o/ a prosperous future

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I never got the small alliance protecting another small alliance via protectorate, if for some reason a bigger alliance did attack, for any type of reason, for defence of this treaty it would have to be heavily chained.

Meh, I am just an old cynic

PS, good luck to all involved

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