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Out of the darkness, Attica is born!


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In correspondence with The Holy Doctrine of Meism I humbly present....



The Meist State of Attica

At long last my brothers, we have found a home for our enlightened community free from the persecution of the Moralist scum. Now we can congregate to the sacred promised land on the Brown team with the full blown force of Meism behind us. An alliance among our diverse peoples will allow us to fully develop into the most united and aggressive fighting unit ever to have blessed the Cyberverse. This is our calling men of honor! Today marks the beginning of the rest of the history of Planet Bob! I call my brothers to arms against the dominance of Moralists! Heed our creed:

The First Testament of Attica

Article 1: Residence to Attica

Attica is an understanding place of refuge for the followers of Meism and we would be more than honored to have you in our presence. However these requirements must be met before entrance can be allowed:

- Must have a CN Forum account.

- Must be a devote follower of Meism and understand its core concepts.

- Must recognize that the government of Attica represents all of your interests.

- Must be on Brown team.

- Must have ideas to contribute to Attica

- Must have The Flag of Attica on CN forum signature.

- Must pledge to fight the forces of Moralists to the best of your ability.

- Understand the workings of Attica by passing a state run test.

Article 2: The State

The State is the governing body of Attica, it functions as the following:

1) Atticus

- The sole sovereign of Attica

- All authority is placed on his hands, all other authority extends from him.

- Recognized as the living form of Attica.

- Shall appoint a member of the Council to fill spot in case of absence.

2) The Council of 3

- Represents the three branches of government within Attica: Military, Internal Affairs, and Intelligence.

- Are selected by Attica at any time and are removed in the same manner.

- Collectively advise Atticus and administrate their branches.

- Can appoint any member to assist them in their branch.

Article 3: Information

Attica resides at http://s6.invisionfree.com/Attica/ and can also be found at #Attica on IRC.

Let our foes cringe at our might foundations and our foes scatter at the shining light of hope we shine over the lands. So praised be to the admin gods for we have arrived at last to bring upon salvation to the blind, sick, and defeated! Under our banner rides the legions of men with the honor, courage, and valor to stand up to the masses of the ruling powers and the chains of morality they imprison us all with. For too long have we shrunk in the face of darkness and lost all sense of enlightenment. But no longer! Attica is Born!

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