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When a Viking Cuddles with a Bunny:

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Happy Sweet Potato Awareness Month everyone! In celebration of this month we met up with UCN in our homey little mead hall, and got a bit too tipsy. Lets just say we were a little surprised the next morning to find all the mead gone and a small bunny and a viking in an upstairs room cuddling, with a "peace pipe" lying on the floor.

Because of these wild times, we have agreed that to keep the family together, we would need to make it offical. Therefore I am glad to announce the "Vikings and Cuddle Bunnies: A PIAT About Safe Sex, Drug and Alcohol Abuse"



(Aw, they are so cute together)


The following alliances of Asgaard and the United Commonwealth of Nations (UCN) hereby affirm their friendship with this Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty.

Article I:

Neither of the undersigned alliances shall declare war or otherwise engage in offensive action against each other. Neither of the undersigned alliances may aid the enemy of the other undersigned alliance during the time of an ongoing conflict. Should military action be taken by a single nation from one alliance against another, the defending nation may take action, but diplomatic action is to be taken before any further military action is to take place.

Article II:

Members of both alliances are highly discouraged from publicly stating inflammatory remarks. They are, however, not prohibited from such remarks, but any statements of disrespect may be looked upon as a stain on relations between both parties.

Article III:

Neither alliance shall engage in espionage activities against the other alliance. This includes real life spying via a human player, or spy attacks in game.

Article IV:

Neither alliance shall aid the enemy of any of the undersigned, be it financial aid, coercion, or any other forms of aid.

Article V:

It is the duty of the undersigned party to inform the other through embassies that they have engaged in war, no less than 24 hours after the initial declaration of war or the first military war declared, what ever comes first. This is so that the other undersigned is aware of who the enemy is and will avoid giving financial aid. If financial aid is given to the enemy by the undersigned before they are informed of the war, this treaty will not be voided, and the undersigned is not responsible for any damage caused.

Article VI:

Both alliances may request help from each other in the time of military or political conflict, be it direct or indirect financial aid, intelligence information, or political pressure. Alliances are expected to fulfill these requests, but are ultimately not obligated to do so.

Article VII:

Both alliances are required to share intelligence of all magnitude that involves the undersigned party's security and sovereignty.

Article VIII:

Should any of these terms be violated, this document may be terminated immediately. Should either party wish to terminate this document for any other reason, they are to give a notification of the cancellation 72 hours prior to the actual cancellation.

Signed for Asgaard,

Lonewolfe2015, Tyr of Asgaard

Gambona, Loki of Asgaard

Mustakrakish II, Magni of Asgaard

Signed of the United Commonwealth of Nations

Darkfox, Secretary of the Exterior

Exterior Council

rivertommy, Minister of Foreign Relations

Give Me Water, Minister of Communications

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A PIAT;Interesting. Thought they were dead these days. Either way, congratulations, and good luck.

Considering how seriously Asgaard take their treaties, a PIAT for them has a lot higher value than many treaties out there.

Congratulations UCN, you got yourself a good furry viking inlaws.

Remember people, SDIs: Wrap it up, before you.. ahem.

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UCN is good people. Good move Asgaard. :)

As for PIATs, TOOL uses them as "stepping stone" treaties, and includes optional defence clauses in them. Plus CCC likes to sign 'em. So they can't be that passé. :P

UCN isnt allowed to sign treaties above PIATs. Darn newly imposed age restrictions hehe.

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