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Dominion Announcement


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Today the Minister of the Treasury Sir Franklyn C. Chadwick announced the opening of the countries new stock exchange, the Chadwick Industrial Exchange will be opened in Virginia Beach and will handle all stocks and companies that exist in the Dominion. Foreign investors will be very welcome, and it is expected to greatly increase the Old Dominions economy. The ceremonial opening of the exchange will happen tomorrow at 10 AM sharp.

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Dear MoFa of the Old Dominion,

Legion Inc, a major defense company in Troina that makes body armor and weapons and such for the Troinan military are interested in setting up a branch in your nation.

Please respond,
Jack Ruth

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Dear Jack Ruth, we have no issue with your company setting up on our soil provided that you join our stock exchange with the symbol LI. In addition another condition is that your company will provide kickbacks in the form of money to our government for the use of our land and citizens as workers.

Sd, Sir Franklyn C. Chadwick

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That seems to be a reasonable deal. We shall send out personnel to survey and buy the land. If we employ local construction workers, can we use the money paid to them as a debit on our kick backs? (OOC: If I pay the locals, can the total amount paid be seen as down payment of sorts on the kickbacks?)

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Two men dressed in black and white suit drove around the city trying to find the right spot to build the HQ for Legion Inc. They soon came upon a large vacant lot where a building had recently been torn down and the remnants dragged away.

"So Jack, does here look like the right place?"

"Possibly, let's get a better look."

Both men got out of the car and surveyed the lot. Walking around to make sure that there were no serious potholes or debris lying around.

"Looks pretty good George," Jack said to the man in the white suit.

"Yeah it does, I think we can build here pretty well, it's close to a government building and also a lot of industrial factories."

"OK. Let's call up the people we need to buy it."


Both men got back into the car and drove to a government office.

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SECURE CONNECTION...FAILED (error returned: get a better computer)
TO: Old Dom.
FROM: New Chin. Emp.
The state run China Nonferrous Metal Mining Corporation (CNMC) would like to open a branch in your nation.

President Nicholas Han

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"Yes, gentlemen just let me get one out for you", Stroud says as he rifles through his desk drawers for the papers and a quill pen.

"You must fill this out with quill and ink, there is an inkpot at the desk behind you, get these papers to me as soon as possible and you may construct your mine"

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*waits till the butler leaves the room*

*pulls out a very fancy inky pen*

*fills out form*

Second man says "Isnt that unethical?"

1st man: "Why yes, yes it is. Now go hand him the forms. I can see our stock price going through the roof!"

2nd: "Right away sir."

*calls butler back in*

*hands him form*

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2nd man slaps first man

1st man gets frying pan

2nd man grabs frying pan and hits first man

1st man say "IT WAS HIM!!"

2nd man hit him with frying pan again. "Give me that!"

*fills out with quill*

"Here you go"

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