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Treaty of Hong Kong

Council of Ten

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Sharing the belief that international commerce and openness are key drivers of economic growth and acknowledging that the city of Hong Kong’s pre-eminent role as a major global commercial hub is vital to the protection and pursuit of our common economic interests, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Bailiwick of Conti, hereinafter referred to as the Signatory Powers, have agreed to the following articles establishing a joint administration of the city and of the Port of Hong Kong.

Article 1
The present treaty establishes the Hong Kong International Settlement (HKIS).

Article 2
The present treaty establishes the Municipal Joint Council (MJC), the governing body of the HKIS in charge of the day to day administration of the city and of the port. The Signatory Powers will appoint six representatives each (referred to as councillors) to the MJC.

Article 3
A total of 1000 soldiers, 500 from the PRC, 500 from Conti, shall be permanently stationed in Hong Kong.

Article 4
The flag of the Hong Kong International Settlement (below) is to be flown alongside the flags of the PRC and Conti on all public buildings.


Signed on behalf of the PRC:

Premier Rorschach

Signed on behalf of the Bailiwick of Conti:

Cllr Charles de Kervaen, Bailiff of Conti and Chancellor of Justice, Member of the Council of Ten

Edited by Council of Ten
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