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Sulieman delivers a speech

Markus Wilding

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People of our glorious Empire, and the world!

Our world is one of madness and insanity. Missiles fall in Mandalore and Furon. Europe has descended into the hellfire of war once again. Everywhere, people are dying. Everywhere, the armies of the world march, but for different reasons. Rebels fight for independence, for rights. Nations send young men to fight and die. Victory was once how much land you gained from conquest. Now it is how many men you kill and how few losses you take. Surrender terms are turned down like a bad batch of bread. Nations commit a small offensive act and one declares war for that act.

Secret operations take place, yet only the enemy, the operatives and the governments know who did it. Deception and liars are everywhere. A new motto has been emerging in our own Special Forces; Trust no one.

Is this really how our world should be? Is this the horror that our children face growing up? A child in Europe has probably practiced more evacuation drills that that of a child anywhere else.

But this isn't about Europe. This is about our world. Our world that apparently is in a constant state of war. A world at war, if you will.

With that, in any upcoming war, we will remain neutral unless we or our allies are directly attacked. Some think neutrality is an easy way out. I say it's the easiest way of keeping the idiots that control missiles from becoming trigger happy.

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"There are roughly six billion people on this world. They consume resources.

To some, war is the measure that is taken to reduce the population growth of man so we may yet keep our technology for a bit longer.

Meanwhile, Austria is beginning to synthesize various rare elements, which is expensive, but viable thanks to fusion power."

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