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Another SOS Brigade Announcement


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Haruhi willed this change and empowered me to "do something about it" - well, I just did something. My friends and I have coup Arrnea and the incapable government of SOS Brigade. I am pleased to announce the new government for SOS Brigade, effective immediately. May this government do bigger and better things. We learned that Arrnea was a lazy good for nothing, as was the rest of the government too. We decided to take action. With the assistance of the 16 other members of the SOS Brigade, we dismissed Senior Staff after Senior Staff, little did Arrnea know the entire alliance wanted him out of power. After the new Senior Staff had assembled, they voted Arrnea out of office. Shortly after doing so, the great and wise Beatrice, or yours truly, was installed as the 2nd Brigade Chief and Ultra Director by the Senior Staff in an unanimous vote.

Beatrice, Brigade Chief and Ultra Director

Locke, ESPer and Mysterious Transfer Student

michaeru, Time Traveller and Brigade Mascot

Wraith7153, Alien Supercomputer and Meganekko

Utau, Ordinary Human and Errand Girl

Please congratulate this new government, for it shall serve SOS Brigade well and better than the last and may Admin have mercy on all your souls in having to deal with this awesome new government.


... huh, what is that sound I hear?

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An Announcement from the REAL Brigade Chief and Ultra Director

People of Planet Bob! Hear Me!

Heed not the words of this usurping witch, the one who seeks to stifle my power and the true wisdom of Haruhi. If this upstart Beatrice thinks he has removed me from my position as Haruhi's plenipotentiary on this world, he is a fool. Cast his words into the fires of oblivion and listen to our God's true message:

The SOS Brigade has hit 500,000 total Nation Strength!



Arrnea, Brigade Chief and Ultra Director

Freshmaker, ESPer and Mysterious Transfer Student

Michael von Preußen, Time Traveller and Brigade Mascot

Elrich von Richt, Alien Supercomputer and Meganekko

Alekhine, Ordinary Human and Errand Boy

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Any alliance with any sense not only wants Locke in their Alliance they want him in a leadership role!

Next coup Locke do yourself a favour and go for the top ;)

Awww, you know I :wub: you too. :blush:

My moment of triumph has sadly come to an end, as I've been reduced from Ordinary Human to merely an ordinary human. Next time, NEEEEEEXT TIIIIIMME!!!!

But onward to 1,000,000 and beyond!

Those caps make all the difference. :v:

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