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Another Virginian Announcement


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Establishment of Political Parties

Dominion Party

Leader – Sir Anthony Chumley, Youngest son of the Virginia Chumleys, he got into politics at the exclusive Earnest College, a public school attended by the sons of many of the leading politicians. Leader of the debating society and winner of the Malkovik prize for literature with his essay entitled ‘Political Conservatism in Modern Times.’

The politics of the Dominion Party are conservative but not overtly right wing. They support the maintenance of the current structures and institutions of the Dominion and resist change. Their main political platform in recent years has been to resist what they see as the erosion of family and national values by the devolution of power to the states and immigration especially from the war torn nations of the nearby continental shelf.

Anti Dominion Party

Leader – Michael Barrington. Although his platform has traditionally been as ‘A Man of the People’ he was a contemporary of both Sir Anthony Chumley and Alexandre Zokol attending Earnest College one year above the former and below the latter. He showed unusual skill in diplomacy and served a term in the Army before commencing his political career and undertaking the meteoric rise to fame that saw him leading his party less than three years after launching his career.

The politics of the Anti Dominion Party are moderate socialist and their major platform rests on social reform and limiting the power of the military. They see the ‘elitist’ policies of the Dominion as counter productive to development and the welfare of the people as a whole. They are advocating a more ‘open borders’ policy of immigration and entry into the Economic Union as a must for assuring future growth and a position in the developing ‘One World Co Elision’.

Military Party

Leader – Colonel Wilfred Burgess. A close personal friend of General Hiram Blount head of the Army he served a tour of duty in the Continental Wars. Decorated for his bravery and celebrated for his leadership he rose through the ranks of politics as easily as he had risen through the ranks of the Army

Although not overtly connected with the Army this extreme right wing party advocate a ‘Closed Borders’ approached to immigration and a separatist political ideology. Chafing at the moderate approach to the wars by the Old Dominion they advocate taking the war to the world.

On the home front they are suspicious of change but that if it must come it should be to reduce the power in the hands of the people rather than increase it. Distrustful of popular support and the ability of the populace to handle political power they seek disenfranchisement of the masses.

Green Party

Leader – Shadwick Bearsfoot. Little is known of this enigmatic popular leader of the fourth political party which has only been in existence for a bare four years. He is thought to be an immigrant from the East although he holds Dominion Citizenship and maintains that he was born and bred within her borders.

Recent wars have decimated the West and the Continental Shelf and have prompted the Green Party to raise a platform of anti war and environmental preservation policies designed to increase public awareness of environmental issues and to promote peaceful solutions to the ongoing international problems the Old Dominion face in maintaining its stance of neutrality in the wars.

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