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Tombstone is Looking for New Residents


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Howdy there strangers. The toughest town on the west is welcoming new citizens to join its community and we would like to invite anyone interested in making tombstone its primary residence. We have a great fun filled community and a great democratic system in place. Even though we may look tough we are a very friendly place to be once you get settled and start getting to know the residents of tombstone.

We welcome any player to come check us out whether you are a new player or a seasoned one there is always something nice to do in tombstone.

Check out our charter and forums and we hope to see you stop by even if its just to say hi.

Our forums: http://tombstone.ipbfree.com/index.php?act=idx

Tombstone Charter

Tombstone is an alliance with the idea that every member may have a voice and affect the outcome of the alliance. We are an alliance focusing on Growth and most important the prosperity and defense of the nations residing within it. Member growth and prosperity is our number #1 priority.


We the undersigned nations/citizens in order to make our town prosper and stop the stealing of cattle by the Clanton and Mclaury gang do band together to achieve peace and prosperity for our town.

Motto: “The town too tough to die”

City Municipal Government

Mayor: Head of the town and oversees all aspects of the town.

-The mayor is elected once every 2 months by the citizens of tombstone.

-The mayor may appoint assistants to help him run the town.

-The mayor may round up a posse to defend or raid the Indian savages(declare War)

-In order for the mayor to remove a bank manager, city commissioner, or city spokesman he must also look for approval from the Sherriff.

Sherriff: He is the law of the town making sure there are no unauthorized gun fights in the streets of tombstone.

- He organizes the towns citizens in times of defense from any Indian attacks and makes sure the citizens of tombstone don’t go about burning and raiding other towns.

- the Sherriff is elected once every 2 months.

- In times of war the Sherriff is in charge of all military affairs and peace negotiations with the surrounding savages.

Bank Manager: They will be in charge of the finances of the town giving out loans and administer all the finances of the town.

-Appointed by Mayor

City Commissioners: are in charge of the inner workings of the town, they may give citizen ship to new comers and handle the unemployment rate of the town.

-Appointed by Mayor

City Spokesman: Is in charge of talking with other mayor of other towns and settle ling any disputes tombstone may have with any of them.

-Appointed by Mayor

- Each of the department heads are in charge of appointing officials to help them in their own departments.

Citizens/Prospectors rights


-Each new member to the alliance will be known as a prospector once he has passed our academy procedures he will be upgraded to citizen of tombstone.

- Prospectors do not have the right to vote or run for any office in tombstone.

- They will also set their alliance affiliation to Tombstone Applicant until their academy process is finished.


- Citizens are nations that passed the academy process and have been made full members of Tombstone.

- Citizens are allowed to voice their opinions on all matters and petition their government officials for changes in the alliance.

- They are also allowed to vote for their government representatives and have their voice heard.

Amendments to the Charter

- To amend this charter there needs to be Mayor approval and then a majority vote needs to be taken.

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