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Malvinian Announcment for the world

Zoot Zoot

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*Memo to wold leaders and international news crews*

Following Premier Barneys extensive injuries in the presidential plane crash the premer instigated a verbal will from his hospital bed to the citaldels assembly in City 17.

At 5.18am this monring Premier Barney Stone was pronounced dead in his hospital bed in the Citadels hospital wing.

He lost consiousness at 4.30am and fell into a coma.

He died in His sleep and at peace not in agony.

Apart from Suffering massive injury, loosing two limps, extensive burns and blood loss, The Premier was Stabilized in hospital but during numerous surgical operations and reconstructive surgery he started bleeding internally.

Doctors told the Premier this and he commanded they let him die.

He passed away with his close family and friends around his bed and died in peace.

In response to any questions about the current leadership of the Malvinas islands, the National assmbly goveners are convening this afternoon to decide the fate of the nation.

A statement released earlier by them said this.

" All treaties and diplomatic ties REMAIN. Our allys and friends need not worry, we shall not abandon them, simply a change of government leader will be decided and possibly the switching from Communism to a Democratic Consituational Monarchy.

Our reasons to possibly change to a Democratic constituational monarchy is that within a few days the Royal Heir was discovered by government agents at the request of Premier Stone shortly before his death.

We will be adopting a Captalist view on the economy aswell as a complete change in government.

to summarise, the National assembly will be dicussing and voting this afternoon on:

*change of government to a Democratic Consitutional monarchy

*implimentation of capitalism and abolishment of communism

*official recognition of the royal heir


The Chairman of the National Assembly

George fifth

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"In a time of such chaos, we should not forget any who have died. Our condolances to the Malvinians, but do not try to change too much too fast. Such changes must be implimented gradually to avoid disasater."

"We echo the advice of our Promised Land allies. Our condolences for the death of your Premier, and we wish you fortune in the upcoming process of reformation."

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