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The IDF (Imperial Defense Force)


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Hi. I represent the Imperial Defense Force (herein known as IDF). We are a somewhat new alliance but we have experienced leaders. We are currently in the final stages of obatining a protectorate with TAB and we are also a Aqua Alliance. Really the only rules are that if you become a member you must try to post 3-4 times a week so that people know that your still active in the alliance. We encourage members to contact other alliance's but only with positive intentions in mind. Below is our current charter.

Charter of the Imperial Defense Force

We, the members of the Imperial Defense Force (herein known as the IDF) shall do our best to provide a safe, secure enviroment for our fellow members and fellow CN players.

Section I: Membership

Section I: The IDF is an aqua alliance. All members are required to switch to the aqua trading sphere iunless granted color exemption from a Founder.

Section II: All new entrants into the IDF must be granted or denied membership by the Internal Affairs Officer.

Article II: The Council

Section I: All final decisions regarding laws and treaties shall be voted upon by by the Council.

Section II: If the decision is unanimous then the proposed law or treaty will be made official.

Section III: The Council holds veto power over treaties and laws previously passed. 2/3 of the Councillors are required to vote in favour of a veto for it to occur.

Section IV: The Council shall be made up of the original founders of the IDF.

Subsection I: If a Councillor resigns their position on the Council, they may appoint a replacement. If they do not, the new Councillor will be elected by a general populace vote.

Article III: The Senate

Section I: The Senate shall consist of 5 members. The Senate shall work in conjunction with the Founders to pass treaties and laws. 60% of the Senate must vote in favour to pass a treaty or law.

Section II: A new Senate will be elected by the general populace every 2 months.

Article IV: Officers

Section I: There will be four Officers appointed by the Council - the Internal Affairs Officer, the Foreign Affairs Officer, the Judicial Officer and the Militant Officer. Each Officer is responsible for the running of their office, and may appoiunt subordinates as they see fit.

Subsection I: If an Officer resigns, the Council will select a replacement.

Section II: All treaties must bear the signature of the Foreign Affairs Officer. All alliance-wide Declarations of War must bear the signature of the Militant Officer.

Article V: War

Section I: Unless as part of an alliance-wide war, no IDF member may declare war on another nation.

Subsection I: Any members breaking this law will pay reperations. The minimum amount of reperations payable is $250,000

Subsection II: As well as reperations, the offending member may be subject to expulsion from IDF, at the discretion of the Judicial Officer.

Section II: Nations wishing to build and possess nuclear weapons must gain permission from the Militant Officer prior to building them. Nuclear weapons must never be used except with the permission of 2/3 of the Council.

Also here our Alliance's forum address: http://www.createforum.com/warmonger16/ind...rum=warmonger16

Plenty of high ranking positions are open and up for grabs. We will be able very soon to offer aid to new members if they request it. If you have any questions feel free to contact me here on CN or on the our forum.

Thank you,


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