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MDP accords agreed upon


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For some time now Battlestar Pegasus has maintained a peaceful diplomatic relationship with the nation of Kitex, openly trading and working with the nation when required, and even allied the colonial military stationed within the Korean colonies to help combat the piratical fleets within eastern waters some time ago.

In spite of this however, much of the Quorum and military leaders chose to remain distant from much of the world and repeatedly declined to sign an MDP agreement as it focused more upon building the colonies.

Recently however, that seemed to have changed as Commander ShinRa approached Kitex Ambassador Kay No about agreeing upon a Mutual Defence Pact between the two powers. This has come largely in relation to the relative political isolation of remaining neutral within the world.

While many leaders within the colonies still believe that this continued neutrality is what is required in order to continue building new towns and buildings, many of the military staff signed the agreement understanding that the proximity of any attack or invasion upon Kitex would be a threat to the colonies as well.

It was later announced that all leaders had agreed to sign the pact and that both Pegasus and Kitex are now officially allies. There are those within Pegasus who still argue against this, believing that an isolationist policy is what is required for our nation to grown stronger and that this is ultimately a mistake. Only time will tell if these misgivings will prove to be correct.

This has been Jacob Alexander of Inter-Fleet News


The following radio broadcast to the populous of Pegasus earlier today.

This is Commander ShinRa, after some debate amongst the Quorum and military command staff it has been agreed that the MPD pact suggested by Kitex some time ago will be signed by our government.

The agreements within the treaty are as follows:

Preamble: In the name of security, prosperity, and friendship the nations of Kitex and BP hereby announce this mutual defence pact.

1. Both nations are required to help each other in case of attack.

2. Neither nation is required to help the other in acts of aggression.

3. Neither nation is required to help the other if one is experiencing internal turmoil unless the leader(s) is killed and order needs to be restored.

4. If this pact is cancelled at anytime, the other nation must receive notification of the cancellation at least 48 hours prior to.

In addition to this citizens from Kitex are now allowed to pass in and out of our boarders via escorted aircraft to the New Dogsville assembly area and to freely enter the waters within our territory.

That is all.

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