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Hi ya'll. My friends and I are starting up an alliance and we are looking for a cool flag. We really need one and have absolutely no artistic abilities. There is no prize except a warm fuzzy feeling for helping upstarts but we would really appreciate it. Our name is the United Countries Against Evil (if that helps)

Preferences: We really just want something cool but would prefer a wolverine + a red,yellow, and/or black color scheme.

Thank you and god bless.

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I recommend you PM D34th, but most would expect some sort of finacial reward. Giving one out is more likley to get you somthing you would actually like.

Ah, indeed, this is the usual case, but luckily Iosif Moldov exists and he is always vigilant and ready to save the day!


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I went with a bit of an African theme to this one. I left out the name of your alliance, as I tend to think that writing on flags is poor show for a geopolitical simulator, it just doesn't seem natural. I think that the Wolverine has a good effect, it shows that your alliance is tough, and won't take no for an answer. I added some teeth to show that despite the fact that you make look for peace, you aren't afraid to bite in the name of justice.

The three bars symbolize the fact that there are only a few of you now, but you will grow. This growth is shown by the fact that the bars seem to stretch out beyond the image.

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