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7-R Rises from the Ashes

R Gray II

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November 8, 2009, 2:30PM (GMT -8)

SANTA CLARA, S.V. - The Republic of 7-R, which collapsed 15 months ago due to overwhelming stress on President G.S. LXVIII's part, regrouped itself into the new nation Silicon Valley yesterday, in a movement led by Raymond "16 Locks" Gray II.

The nation now known as Silicon Valley was originally founded in March 2006, and gradually rose to glory over the years into a fine republican nation-member of the Orange Defense Network. It survived through three wars, one of which put it out of commission for a few days and was promptly rebuilt. However, in July of 2008, citing declining mental health, overwhelming stress, increasing financial burdens, and a lack of productivity, G.S. resigned and his entire nation fell into anarchy, succumbing to riots, a conveniently-timed epidemic, and fail a few days later.

A few survivors remained in the remains of 7-R, including Gray. He and fellow former citizens eked out a living in the ruins, hoping one day for an opportunity to rebuild and bring themselves back to glory.

Gray and company found the opportunity in August 2009, having studied the remains of 7-R's constitution and laws, as well as once-classified files that, in the midst of the riots, were uncovered and de facto declassified. They recreated and ratified the constitution and law system, reconstructed infrastructure, and within the next couple months Silicon Valley was a new, fully-functional nation.

Over the next few months, Gray intends to rebuild the nation's many resources, as well as regroup with the ODN to reestablish ties with the outside world.

"I feel so at home once again," reports President Gray. "It will take a while to restore this nation back to what it once was, but it will be a fun experience. Now, let arse kick together once again!"

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