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Carthaginian Fleet Sails to Mount Terror

Sargun II

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The Carthaginian fleet, consisting of a dozen BALLS OF STEEL, set sail with permission from certain authorities in Antarctica to set up a mini-blockade around Ross Island. Over 9000 soldiers and about 100 tanks were on the fishing boats, ready to depart. An air force consisting of seventeen ducks with bombs strapped onto them circled the top of Mount Erebus. The two commanders of the fleets, Drty and Nyx, were having a typical Cybernations Roleplay argument.

Drty: ack, damn you

Nyx: ha!

Drty: damn you to squirrel damned hell

Nyx: ive been there, its pleasureful

Nyx: and youre too ugly to get in

Drty: well, they will never beat my super mega squirrel reversal laser, they will turn every single one into a peanut, which i will have the pleasure of feeding to my humble elephant lords

Nyx: you cant feed them the peanuts because I gave them all to York Hunt

Drty: ha, he is nonexsistant

Drty: he gave them to Hue G. Rection

Nyx: no Hue stole them mercilessly

Drty: damn that fool, damn him

Drty: i hope every one of those sqirrels tears his eye balls out and shoves them into your ears

Nyx: but I just built an eyeball proof wall for my ears this morning

Nyx: besides the squirrels need me too much to do that

Drty: well, you will never find my kingdom anyway

Nyx: fine, we'll just have to destroy you then

Drty: but you won't find me

Nyx: the squirrels will chop Hue into 12 pieces and send them skyrocketing into oblivion

Drty: as long as it's not my hue

Nyx: oh it will be

Nyx: thats silly. it will never happen.

Drty: oh it will

Nyx: i wont let it

Nyx: i proclaimed that death rays are rendered ineffective as of


Drty: you cant do that

Nyx: yes i can, i have that power because i am high priestess queen goddess of the night and day

Drty: you can't be, because the squirrels are sworn enemies

Drty: so you are mistaken in one way or another

Nyx: thats what the rest of the world thinks

Nyx: but the squirrels and i have a little agreement

Nyx: they serve me in turn for sexual favors

Drty: such as?

Nyx: i cant tell you, you'd disintegrate from the shock of it

Drty and Nyx decided to go their separate ways. Drty to Mount Erebus, Nyx to Mount Terror.

The chicken crows at midnight.

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IC: A Vostok SSR Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier arrives at Ross Island.

The ship signals the Carthaginian fleet:


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"My loony bun is fine Benny Lava!

Minor bun engine made Benny Lava!


Have you been high today?!?"


"Yo COMRADE VITALI CHURKIN, I'm happy for ya and I'mma let you finish, but Willy Wonka had the best hallucinogenic experience of all time.


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13.37 MiG-29 fighters were launched for immediate strike. They achieved this by cutting .63 of a MiG-29K off and then proceeding to catapult the burning hulk out of the carrier.

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The .37 of a MiG-29 and the .63 of a MiG-29 both fell harmlessly to the base of the mountain. However, three ducks, flying at altitudes far above previously known at temperatures far below what they could survive, flew directly into the flight paths of the MiG-29. The three collided with the center and edges of the formation, exploding with great vengeance and furious anger. For whatever reason, an EMP was let loose.

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The BALLS OF STEEL, however, had quickly dived beneath the ocean and watched as the water twisted and turned due to the nuclear explosion.

A MISSILE OF URANIUM was fired at the Vostok SSR Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier and split itself over the AC.

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Plague-ridden and slightly radioactive sailors, looking much like the one shown below, begin congregating near landing ships.

Unfortunately for the plague-ridden and slightly radioactive sailors, a group of heavily armed and technologically advanced soldiers started shouting "For the Enclave!" and fired massive $%&@tons of bullets at them. Nyx looked in awe as the soldiers, who did not exist but two minutes ago, suddenly came to his aid.

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The aircraft carrier is studded with bullets, more than the captain's jacket is studded with bling. The ship promptly begins to sink. As the realities sink in for Vostok SSR, the dictator Zombie Brezhnev has issued the order for the annihilation of the Carthaginian fleet. As soon as they get off that god-forsaken island.

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