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The Jaguar-Tiger accords


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So we thought we could use some AZTEC Love, and realized that Jaguars are really just misunderstood tigers, and well, this happened.

Article I - Non-Aggression and Intelligence

Neither signatory shall engage in offensive action against the other including but not limited to outright warfare and spying. Should either signatory come into possession of information that pertains to the security of the other, the signatory is obligated to turn over said information.

Article II - Mutual Defense/Optional Aggression

Both signatories pledge complete assistance to each other in wars of defense. Both signatories reserve the right to provide any and all assistance in all other wars, but this assistance shall be completely voluntary.

Article III - Cancellation

Either signatory may cancel this treaty by providing 72 hours notice of intent to cancel. This treaty shall automatically expire at the end of the current TE round.

Signed On Nov, 7 2009 On the behalf of Cyberian Tiger Alliance

Emperor The Rebel

Imperial Regent Skippy

Signed On Nov, 7 2009 On the behalf of AZTEC

Emperor Owned-You


AZTEC signs and MDoAP with CTA

Edited by Skippy
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