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The Most Unexpected Announcement!


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Well, it may not quite be the most unexpected announcement, but it is my first ever.

Anyways, due to recent occurrences we needed to restructure our Government, and it was probably a good change for the most part, except our Trium was fine the way it was.

Ok, so, the most important change would be that Tiznoast is back in the Trium, after the birth of BabyNoast had him step down a couple months back. BabyNoast will be the sole dictator of SLCB in future years.

Replacing Mr. Noast will be P0rkSab3r as our Director of Defense. He was our Internal Council beforehand. o/ Actifist! rnegafan of Rnegafan will help him with any favours he may need.

Somehow the Triumvirate decided to keep me on as Director of Diplomacy and gave me the Excellent UnavailableContent as a helper in any experiments I may have.

Jackalope removed himself from defense a couple weeks ago for inactivity, and decided that he is now active again and will now be our Finance Director. <3Jack. Squeak shall assist him in the flow of SLCB's funds.

KurtCobain will be SLCB's new director of the Internal. Scary thought, but, excellent things will come from this, unless an unsightly O/D... <_<


This obviously made everyone's life better by reading this, because you get a little more insight into what the boxes do, even if you never really cared.

I will make a nice little current gov list for people not paying attention.

Triumvirate: Tiznoast, Nutty Carrot Cakes, E. Schrodinger

DoDefense: P0rkSab3r

Defense Assistant: rnegafan

DoDiplomacy: KillerKoel

Diplo Assistant: UnavailableContent

DoFinance: Jackalope Despot

Finance Assistant: Squeak

DoIA: KurtCobain

IA Assistant: Kurt's Hand.


OOC: My mom just called me and told me that my sister-in-law was going to be calling the cops on me, and to get anything illegal outta the house <_<. wtf!

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There's SLCB again, making announcements with no overall purpose. These people with their promotions don't even have actual authority in SLCB. There is no reason for us to know this, and is a waste of time like all other SLCB announcements. When will we you guys stop attention whoring and cluttering the forums?!

EDIT: Congrats to the peeps. we'll be more awesome than ever with this stuff going on. So long as Kurt doesn't O/D. That'd be sad.

Edited by E Schrodinger
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this really isn't unexpected at all. Restructuring happens all of the time. considering the alliance, it's unsurprising.

what WOULD be surprising is if it was like FAN-NPO merger.

I was hoping for something cool...but of course not.

edit:what's with all the useless hails? brown nosers :P

Edited by Ashley Smith
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