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Papal World Tour

Gnost Dural

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In his first adress as the formal, and official Pope of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVII addressed a large crowd outside St. Peter's Square this morning. He also announced that following his address, an important announcement would be made in regards to the immediate plans of his Papacy.


Pope Benedict XVII

to the Faithful of the World

Pope. What does that word mean? Historically, the word 'Pope' comes from the Latin word 'Papa', meaning Father. In the early days of the Church, the word 'Pope' was given to Bishops, not reserved for the Bishop of Rome. Bishop is the first and most true description of the Pope.

What, then, is a Bishop? Following in Apostolic Succession, a modern Bishop fills the same role that the Apostles filled with Christ. The Apostles, and eventually, the Bishops were the elders of the Church. They ordained priests and oversaw large areas of Christendom, now called Dioceses and Archdiocese. The role of Bishop is one of pure and complete servitude.

When Christ made the Petrine Promise, "You are Peter, upon whom I build my Church", he created the office of the Bishop of Rome. St. Peter, the Chief Apostle, was made the first Bishop of Rome and, in doing so, the first Supreme Pontiff. The office of the Bishop of Rome is multi-cast. The Pope is the Administrator of the Diocese of Rome. He is the Primate of Italy. He is the Servant of the Servants of God. He is the spiritual leader of all Catholics. He is one of the few morals compasses for the world. He is a peacemaker. He is a lover. He is a scholar. He is a priest. The list goes on and on.

After tenacious voting session within the Conclave, the Sacred College of Cardinals elected an Italian-born Cardinal, the Archbishop of Rome, to sit upon the Throne of Saint Peter as the Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. I, that Cardinal, have undertaken this job with the utmost respect, honor, and joy. I extend blessings and peace to my Brother Bishops, as well as to all Catholics around the globe who, by the Holy Ghost, elected me the Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

I will not take this election lightly. There is much to do in this world, and very little time to do so. That said, should the world take a plunge or is consumed by fire and war, the Church will stay on. Christ said in the Petrine Promise that not even the Gates of Hell can stand against the Church. We are Eternal. That in mind, we will remain to the end of time, spreading the Gospel of Christ.

I invite all of you to embrace the Church and immerse yourself in her love. Allow the Church to wrap her arms around you. I invite you all to involve yourself, whether in the Eucharist or in the Clergy. I leave you with a silly, but very true, quote "There is always a home in Rome."

In the Name of the Father+ and the Son+ and the Holy Ghost+. Amen.

Given at St. Peter's in Rome on the 7th of November in the Year of Our Lord two thousand and nine in the first year of my Pontificate.

Flipping a sheet over to look at the notes that His Holiness had jotted down, he continued to speak. This was, apparently, the announcement in regards to Papal plans for the Church.

" I have endeavored to create a new Papal World Tour, or a series of Apostolic visits to both faithful and secular alike. I intend to make the hallmark of my Papacy a papacy of Peace, harmony and mutual cooperation. I have slated the following nations and their respective dates as my next series of Apostolic visits. "

He rattled off a list of nations that he would be visiting within the next month.

Carthage - Nov. 9th-12th

Hanseatic Commonwealth - Nov. 12th-14th

Austria - Nov. 14th-16th

Zargathia - Nov. 16th-18th

Italica - Nov. 18th-20th

Repubblica Italiana - Nov. 20th-22nd

" The aim of these Apostolic visits are to promote unity, cooperation and peace between Catholics and the rest of the world. There is much work to reverse the actions of the Catholic Church of the past, and I sincerely pray to our Lord, Jesus Christ, that we can work out our differences, with God as out beacon.

May the peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, be with you. "

The Vatican later that day issued a letter of notice to the nations which would be visited by His Holiness this month. The Vatican requests that you give your consent to receive a Papal visit, and to please provide as much security to the arrangements as possible. In short, RSVP soon.

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"This Tour shall not be allowed to pass Chinese Air Space or Waterways. "

"Austria requests that China allows the tour to pass through Chinese Airspace or Waterways.

Otherwise, you may notice a sudden lack of beer."

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== Grand Council of Fascism - Department of Foreign Affairs ==

The Grand Council of Fascism expresses all the joy of the People of Italica because Pope Benedict XVII will visit our Nation. Considering the extraordinary coincidence of dates, the Grand Council extends an invitation to His Holiness to attend the great party celebrating the Duce's 38th birthday, on November 19, along with all the ambassadors of friendly and allies allies Nations.

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