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nation gone


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Hello whoever is in charge of things. I was gonna logg on today(sunday 11nov) and couldt see my nation. Only message that appears after typing rulername and password is this :

Create Your Nation: You currently do not have a nation in the game. To create your nation visit the create nation screen.

Why do I no longer have a nation in the game?

Discussing matter with my alliance,someone said it most likely could be because my cousin have logged onto his nation,from my computer when visiting??

If this is the reason and my nation is deleted ,I feel its kinda unfair.

Please help out,I`ve been building my nation VIKINGFJORDR for almost a year now.

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Lynlimer is my cousin. Strawberry my girlfriend and Banshee a friend next door in my building. Are they all deleted? We have not aided eachother on same network ,only once and I got a warning. Once or twice a wek we are having gameing evenings at my house.Playing xbox online and discussing and playing CN. Didnt know logging on to and admin our nations from my computer would result in deleting. Yeah,we where aware of the aiding stuff and there was a warning. Now what?

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