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The Legion


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The eagle. Bold and mighty, of the skies, he cares not for the petty squabbles that lie far below him. He needs not a host of other eagles to surround him, he is a proud beast who can care for himself, yet he will not allow his kin to suffer needlessly. He does not choose a path of mindless aggression, striking carelessly, but rather he chooses to exercise great wisdom and keen patience. He waits and he watches with great care and strikes only when, and if, the time is right. Not a glimmer of frailty or weakness appears across his majestic brow, even when under great threat. This is the eagle.

The Legion, bold and mighty, was birthed from necessity into a world full of potential aggression, anger and hate. Yet, like the eagle, The Legion learned to soar. In a world filled with powerful alliances, The Legion appeared and made its mark. Endorsing peace, it looked not for war with its brothers, but unity. However, as the eagle defends its kin, so did the Legion vow to defend its members.

The Legion is one of the oldest Alliances in the cyberverse. It was formed January 31st, 2006, by Great Britain. Since that time, we have had a history of comradeship and loyalty.

If you are interested click HERE register, then fill out an application.

You receive $3 million in Aid upon joining to grow you nation, we offer smooth well run tech deals that will grow you fast. We offer military support as well as jobs in the Economics, Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Internal Affairs where you can make a name for yourself!

Ave Legio!

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