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Emergane of Monbossa


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The people of the island of Monbossa voted for Independence today from the Vilinland nation. Monbossa, a relatively small nation rich Lumber and Oil reserves off their coast has split from Viniland after a recent campaign to re-establish the tribal leaders as heads of state. The new government is now headed by King Tekkeitsertok still express the wish to continue a close relationship with the Viniland nation.

(OOC: I just realised I misspelt the title. :P)

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Furon welcomes Mombassa (Is this what you were typing out?) to the world stage, and wishes them the best of luck.

(OOC: No, it was Emergence. :P)


Moonbossa thanks all the nations of their world for their continued support in this time renewal for its people.

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