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O-Ye O'Ye! 'Dispatch t'the F'rontier!


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Free Peoples An'Presuming Naughty Folk who surround Saundustee,

This afternoon while our chiefs were passing around the peace pipe, the prophet had a vision which inspired the council fire; he told us of this cool freaky chap, a card player of sorts, who drank and hunted like any other man but did so with charisma and charm.

Whenever he entered the tavern, ladies and men would fall down at his feet; literally.

Than he had to pick them up.

Which required effort.

And he didn't have much time.

He was a busy guy.

A guy wearing a hat.

But now the barkeep was staring at him funny.

It almost looked like he took a schat.

In spite of his rambling, we put two and two together and knew that the words hat and schat could only mean Schattenman.. so we tracked down this post:


Ah, memories. The work that NPO put into things like Francograd in the past is cool; it's a shame more alliances don't delve into themselves.

Effective immediately, 13 is issuing a challenge for every alliance to spend one week developing their own identity (theme).

This includes stories, images, medals, charter, videos.. anything you can think of.

Serious or lulzy, it doesn't matter.

Entries can be pm'd to me.

In a week's time, the confederacy will create a poll where a panel of judges representing Bob will determine the winner (thx for the idea Villien); that way the sanctioned alliances won't be able to vote skew.

The winner will receive $15 million which will be sent by 13 to their selected member.

Have fun!

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Quick, to the workmobile! We need that 15 million!

Our culture is simple; The strong survive.

Ours is even better: Siberian Tigers are !@#$@#$ awesome.

Edit: STA will split the $15 million with NSO.

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Sith don't do halfsies.

Well, it is just $15 million. We could just burn it for fun I suppose.

Seriously though, I think this is actually a good idea. I await seeing MK's submissions.

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Ours is even better: Siberian Tigers are !@#$@#$ awesome.

Edit: STA will split the $15 million with NSO.

Well, considering that there's no rule about that..

and the fact that I've always wanted a pet Siberian tiger.. :blush:

...I await seeing MK's submissions.

Me too! :v: In fact, there's more than a few alliances out there that I'm curious about. The Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes and She Said She was 18 :wub: being among them.

I'm gonna assume that some alliances already have something done up, be it decor on their forums, etc. I'd like to just create a link to each alliance's forum that decides to participate; good recruitment and advertising tool. Perhaps, even adding a little depth to what already is a deep rooted world.

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The greatest artists of the Moralist Front will begin work on this contest posthaste. Unlike our Siberian/Sith friends, we actually do need that $15 million.

EDIT: Death to democracy!

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