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The WolfSack Accords


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The WolfSack Accords

I. Preamble

The feud between Sacks and Wolves will be no longer. After today, Sacks and Wolves are brothers!

II. Wolves And Sacks Are Friendly

Both Wolves and Sacks will remain friendly towards each other, and shall remain civil when in contact.

III. WolfSacks Find Peace In Each Other's Hearts

Both the Wolves and Sacks will not engage in any kind of warfare or espionage.

IV. Information Relay

Each signatory shall inform the other of any information learned about the other.

V. Sacks Have Aids?

Each signatory has the right to send aid to the other, but they are not obligated to.

VI. Suicide

Should either signatory wish to cancel this treaty they must give private notice to the other 48 hours before the cancellation. During this cancellation period both signatories will remain neutral to each other.

Signed for Little Big Alliance,

King Alias, Sack King

Lady Zodiac, Sack Princess

Snickrot, Sack of Membership

Dingo, Sack of Economics

Gaunty14, Sack of War

Signed for Wolf Empire,

Emperor Stranger, WOLF Emperor

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