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Information below is Classified.


Naval ports in Murmansk, Novy Port, Dickson, and the other Arctic bases have begun construction of another fleet. This time, the fleet will be comprised of:

16 x Graney (ясень) Nuclear Attack Submarine

8 x Borei (бореи) Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine

32 x Bora (бора) Guided Missile Hovercrafts

128 x Zubr (зубр) Air Cushioned Landing Craft

42 x Type 52 Frigate (Chinese Design)

2 x Ulyanov-2 Class Super Aircraft Carrier (Image Below)


Constituting the biggest military expenditure in the history of the Northasian Union, it aims to reestablish it as a major naval power on par with the American Confederation.

Russian joint development of the Chinese H-11 Bomber program has cumulated in the H-11 Taiyandian or Sunspot.


Initial production will be taken by Chengdu and Sukhoi.

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OOC: For the record, only the USA has stealth bombers IRL, and they cost 1 billion per plane... so I hope your economy magically recovered in the last year and you're not getting any resentment from people that under no circumstances would want to be under an even larger, less capable, more oppressive nation that fundamentally would not work. I also hope there's an RP somewhere of you researching and developing these planes.

The aircraft carriers are massive, and the USA is the only nation in the world with AC's that huge. And that costs time, research, development, and money. So I would like to know your GDP and just how you're spending this kind of money out of the blue.

I am merely trying to keep this fair and logical.

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OOC: I have the resources of Russia, China, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Fiji, Taiwan, and Vanuatu at my disposal. Also, as each part of the Union retains significant self-governance, no one is that pissed off. This is kind of the research thread for the carrier, and the stealth bomber was RPed by Curristan as PRC back in the Dark Legend board days.

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