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The True Confession: All OCC


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I originally going to post this on TPF forums only, however I felt that I have too many friends outside TPF not to post.

First and foremost the "A Confession Thread" was obviously ment as a joke, Folger was contacted before hand and we thought it would bring some laughs to some people.

Second is too say goodbye to everyone. My health has deteriorated to the point where I am unable to play and be happy doing it. A lot of that is the way I play, which is something I can't change about myself, it's been with me too long.

I'd like to give some special personal acknowledgements

To all of TPF, you have been a family to me when I needed it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Burning Glory, for his unending loyalty to his people. No Leader of any AA has cared more for each and every member of his alliance than BG does.

The Wizard of Oz, for always believing in me

ClashPoint for being one of my best friend in and out of game

dogbite, for pushing so hard for me, time and time again

Bionic Redhead, for never giving up or giving in

Folger for being the best drinking buddy ever

JonBoy16 for being my first TPF hero

Tibs for being both good friend and evil villian in game, and for being a good friend out of it

Lonewolfe for being Tibs twin ( or is that vice versa )

Thaisport for Life, The Universe, and Everything, and for debating constantly with me from everything with physics to philosophy

Emperor Stranger, for both teaching and learning. OOC we never hated each other, and at the end I think a friendship of sort's developed between us

Cameron of Lochiel, for never giving an inch

Mark Reynolds, though quiet about much, listen to this man and you will hear truth

and many many more, if I missed your name I'm sorry

This isn't a joke, I'd like people to respond to not think it is, I will continue to be active this round only enough to keep myself from being deleted so that I do not harm my trade partners.

I'd like to be remembered as an odd person who liked to shake things up, and who succeeded as often as he failed.

If anything else CN and especially TPF that has been my home.

If I have offended anyone in the past I ask you to forgive me, I will not claim it was unintentional in some cases, but now it's over, so I apologize

I think everyone knows by now how when I am in need of words to say I use a song.

I'd like to say my final goodbye with this

Goodbye Cybernations, I'll miss you.

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With our similar history, I immediately had a bond with you from the start. Your hope, determination, and efforts with, and for, TPF will never be forgotten. You have a servant’s heart, and high principal to lead and lecture; I’m confident of further success and happiness in your future. I’ve enjoyed every beer we’ve shared, and every chronicle and experience that we’ve divulged. You are a good man, and those of us lucky enough to have met you will NOT forget you.


o/ Gabryal

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Goodbye Gabs. You were a very dynamic player, and will be missed. I am so very sorry to hear about your health situation. I hope that things improve for you in the future. I wish you all the best.

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noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. u cant leave us. sorry to see you go. can u please me anyother mode of contact? send me an ingame PM. i dont wanna loose contact with a guy like you. CN will always miss you/. :(

get well soon. though i know wat its like, take care.

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Oh shoot. I really hope you didn't have to go - I wish that we could've gotten to known each other better, you seemed pretty cool. I hope that you feel better, I know how RL can be stressful and tough, and leaving isn't a bad idea. In the words of my friend Pax Me "remember that it is not "until we meet again" but "i'll see you tomorrow"."

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[ooc]Gabs, I'll talk to you later on IRC or PM, but I'll make this my 'official goodbye.'

There are few people I actually look forward to talking to within TE, and you are right there among the top of that list. I've greatly enjoyed getting to know you as a person over these past few rounds and learning about how great of a person you are. I admire you, sir! Not because of stuff in game, but because of the sacrifices you've made on a far greater level than what most people in this game could understand. You're a hero to me and an asset to your country. It may sound cliche, but this world truly is a better place because of you. My thoughts and prayers are with you! [/ooc]

o/ Gabby

**edited for grammar**

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Gabs its really sad to see you go. When I first started playing TE it was obvious to me how much you were respected. As someone up the post river said never give up, and get better soon!

It'll be hard to forget our talks on IRC ;)


President of Purple Unity TE

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