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a madness and a mind

Eggman Empire

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Sammyace Kintober stood in his office, facing the window. A monster storm was approaching, and it promised to be one for the record books. One could see it in the horizon. A black, brooding wall of clouds slowly rolling towards Robotropolis. The city and it's buildings had supposedly been designed to withstand storms such as this one, but this monster promised to put those claims to the test. In the distance, one could hear thunder and see glints from lightning flashes Kintober chuckled. A fitting background to match what was about to happen in his office.

The air suddenly went cold, and a door to the office opened and closed. Kintober knew who it was, feeling the other's presence as it entered the room. "You took your sweet time." Kintober said. "Had trouble finding an attorney to write up your will, I take it?" He asked mischievously.

"Mankind's ability to crack jokes in the face of oncoming annihilation has always left me puzzled." The intruder replied.

"It's a human thing, you wouldn't understand." Kintober nonchalant.

"Nor would I want to." The creature replied with contempt. Kintober shrugged and turned to face the being.

"So, did you come here hoping to kill me with insults, or do you actually plan to do something." The Emperor asked idly. Mr. S looked at him, it's facial expression always the same.

"While I would like to avoid your death, if you refuse to submit, I may be forced to bring about your demise." It stated.

"Well, I'd rather die then serve a freak like you, so bring it." Kintober said with a snarl. Mr. S chuckled.

"Just because I can't bring you to heel doesn't mean I'll kill you. If I can control your body and destroy the brain, all the better. One doesn't have to worry about puppets trying to kill them." Mr. S explained. "Observe..." and like lightning, it's hand moved and grabbed Kintober's head. The world went white.

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The world flashed white for a second, then Kintober rematerialized on a rocky plateau that spanned in all directions. Looking up, he saw the sky filled with dark, rumbling storm clouds. He sighed. His mental status for the day was "troubled," apparently. Kintober glanced at his arms and hands and noted they looked like they had right after he'd finished absorbing Mr. S' brain minion from Kintober's last fight inside his mind: Inky black all the way past his shirt's sleeves, and his fingers were now lethal looking claws. Looking around, he spotted his enemy mere yards from his position. Mr. S stood there, impotently. It was in It's normal dress attire, but It also had a cane It rested It's hands on. The cane was a simple black metal rod with a bronze sphere on the top. The sphere had Mr. S' face carved into it.

"So, what's with the cane?" Kintober asked curiously. Mr. S shrugged.

"If you survive long enough, I'll show you." It said with a giggle. Abruptly, a ring of glowing spheres materialized out of thin air and circled the creature. It chuckled again. "I highly doubt you'll make it that long though." The spheres suddenly launched out of their orbit from around Mr. S and flew at Kintober. He dodged, again and again, the spheres exploding into the ground where he'd just been. The orbs followed him like homing missiles, and it was all he could do to avoid getting hit. "You jump around more then a flea on a hot griddle. Must reflect on all the quick thinking you do. Hold still." Mr. S chimed. It promptly tapped the bottom of It's cane against the ground and a massive blastwave of rocks and energy flew out towards Kintober. Acting on an instinct he didn't know he had, Kintober slammed his fist into the ground. A massive wall of rock suddenly shot up and blocked the blast. Kintober looked at his corrupted fist in surprise. That had been unexpected but incredibly useful. "What?! Impossible! You shouldn't be able to do that!" Mr. S snarled.

"Guess I can do a lot of things fancypants. It's my mind after all." Kintober shouted back gleefully. He brought his arm back, and slammed his fist into his rock barrier. The thing crumbled into a dozen pieces, but instead of falling to the ground, they hovered there for a second and then flew at Mr. S. The being yelped and was forced to bring up it's own shield to block the attack. Kintober laughed.

"Don't get cocky yet!" Mr. S snarled. It brought one of It's hands of It's cane and pointed it at Kintober like a gun. A globe of light materialized just beyond It's finger, and a stream of light shot from the sphere. Kintober started running again as Mr. S sprayed the area with energy. A shift in aiming forced Kintober to make a dive to the ground, and in doing so, slammed his fist into the ground again. Instead of a wall shooting up, the ground in front of him split open. White light beamed from the crevasse and the jagged crack raced towards Mr. S. The monster barely noticed it in time and had to leap out of the way before the crack reached the spot where It was standing. Then, much to Kintober's surprise, the end point promptly exploded in a ball of white-ish fire, throwing flaming rocks everywhere. "That's it! I've had it with this impudence!" Mr. S hissed venomously. It gripped It's cane just below the base of the bronze sphere and held it above It's head. "No more mercy! Time to die!" It roared. A flaming, inky black aura surround Mr. S, and the air grew thick and hot. Around Kintober, lightning began to strike the ground and the storm clouds roiled.

"Oh balls...." Kintober muttered.

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Sammyace Kintober jumped out of the way to avoid being struck by an energy blast as Mr. S roared with maniacal laughter. Less then a minute ago, Mr. S had pointed It's cane at Kintober, and a wall of energy shot at him. Sammyace barely brought up a rock wall in time and took a hit as the wave crashed into the wall, sending pieces flying into Kintober. Currently, he was working hard to avoid being obliterated, as Mr. S spammed Kintober's defenses with volley after massive volley of attacks. The strategy was simple, easy, and near impossible to defeat without planning, co-ordination, and time to prepare. Kintober cursed his opponent. It just wasn't fair. He was fighting an being who's mental energies far surpassed his own. However, what Mr. S had said earlier Sammyace's dodging ability being related to his quick thinking nagged him. If his natural mental abilities reflected how he fought, how could he use that to his advantage? What ever it was, he'd better use it to his advantage quick.

Wave after wave of attacks devastated the surrounds, filling the rocky plateau with craters and scorch marks. Kintober briefly wondered if this was doing any damage to his brain before he re-focused on the dilemma at hand. So far, he'd gathered that Mr. S' attacks were just that: Attacks. No strategy, tactics, or planning. Just spamming blasts. In Kintober's experience, this technique was employed by someone with a lot of power, but little combat experience. It made sense. Mr. S seemed to be much more competent in the ways of infiltration, manipulation, and corrupting the mind instead of fighting in it. Kintober on the other hand, had plenty of experience in the battlefield. So far, all of his attacks had some strategy behind them. Although, usually most of them were ploys and lures to trick Mr. S to move into a trap Kintober had set. So far, the only reason Sammyace hadn't landed a hit was due to Mr. S using It's sheer power to block said attack. Kintober would have to be incredibly tricky to land a hit.

Speaking of attacks, and in abilities in general, Kintober had discovered he held an arsenal of both defensive and offensive powers. He had the ability to form a ball of black energy in front of one or both of his hands. The orb could be turned into a shield to block attacks, or could be used offensively. It either could fire lances of energy like Mr. S' "finger gun" or Kintober could simply lob the whole thing. It either exploded like the spheres Mr. S hurled at him or it could split into smaller orbs that Kintober could direct at his enemy. In addition to those nifty abilities, Kintober found he had the ability to manipulate the ground itself, using it as a weapon against Mr. S or a shield in the face of attacks.

Kintober was snapped out of his tactical analysis as he was forced to fling up a rock wall to block a sphere of raging energy that threatened to vaporize him. Mere moments after the wall shuddered, taking the blast, Kintober looked up and gasped as another ball of energy flew sailed over the wall and hurtled down towards him. Kintober snarled and encased himself in a bubble of protective rock. Outside he could barely hear Mr. S' condescending laughter over the muffle of energy blasts exploding against his defense.

"Took you long enough to start cowering!" Mr. S declared mirthfully. "Now I have you trapped and you'll soon be finished in a few moments!" It declared as It readied an extremely powerful attack.

"We'll see about that." Kintober muttered, as a plan suddenly manifested itself in his mind. He grinned; the plan seemed like it would work.

"Whatever you're scheming up in there, it's useless!" Mr. S declared. "Speaking of which..." It felt It's attack fully charged and ready. "DIE!" It roared, as It unleashed it's most devastating attack yet. The burning orb of energy shot away from Mr. S and vengfully flew towards the rocky dome. The sphere collided with the shield and the world flashed white for a millisecond before the sphere exploded in a massive explosion, annihilating everything around it. The blast was so great even Mr. S had to shield Itself from the shockwave. When the dust settled, nothing remained but a crater. Mr. S nodded in satisfaction. "Finally, now..." It waited for Itself to be transferred into Kintober's brain where It could implant more minions to make Kintober a living puppet. But nothing happened. "Whats wro-?" It was about to ask Itself, when a piller of rock jutted out at an angle and slammed into Mr. S and set It stumbling forward. Right as It regained It's footing, Mr. S looked down and saw the ground beneath It's feet glow. Mr. S barely pulled up a shield to save itself before the ground erupted and It was sent hurtling in a random direction, slamming into the ground. It snarled as it struggled to stand up, before a boulder dislodged itself from the ground and shot towards It. Mr. S swung It's cane at the large rock and it shattered into a million tiny pieces, raining harmlessly on It like gravel, or so it seemed. The pebbles ignited, turning the air surrounding Mr. S into a roiling fireball. The dust and light cleared, revealing Mr. S, kneeling on one knee. In one hand It held It's top hat, and in the other, It's cane. It panted heavily. Before Mr. S could even attempt to stand, two giant rock walls shot up on ether side of It and promptly slammed together, attempting to crush It. Mr. S barely countered with two dual blasts of It's own that blew the walls into dust and sent the remains shooting far away from It. Almost instantaneously, several more boulders sprang up from the ground and flew towards Mr. S. It easily blew all of them out of the sky, and promptly dodged another pillar of light that burst from the ground from beneath where It used to stand. It was catching on.

"This...is growing TIRING!" It roared in annoyance and hate. Mr. S' very features seem to shake with rage, and then It did something no one else had seen before. It opened it's mouth. Should one look into it, they'd feel like it was the abyss itself. The creature's gaping maw seemed to suck in light itself, as nothing was visible behind It's glowing white piranha teeth. The monster radiated power. It raised It's cane high, and swept downward. Though nothing came out of the cane, or from or around Mr. S, the ground suddenly cracked, splintered, and flew into the sky and disintegrated. It dragged It's cane through the air and the ground it pointed at dissolved like dust being blown on. "I know you're hiding down there somewhere INSECT! I'll find the rock you're cowering under, crush it, and you along with!" It hissed. Another swipe gouged out the earth, leaving a canyon. Mr. S cackled in glee. There, was a rock dome erected by Kintober to save himself. In the blink of an eye, Mr. S was standing next to the dome, and brought It's cane back. With a mighty swing, the cane connected with the dome and turned the entire thing to dust. There stood Kintober, two glowing orbs pulsing infront of his hands. Mr. S inhaled and promptly swallowed both of them like they were a snack. Kintober was dumbfounded. Mr. shot forward before Kintober could recover and grabbed his neck. "I'll erase your very existence!" It roared. Kintober struggled. He fought against the monster, feeling his essence slowly eroded away by the creature.

"No! It can't end like this! I have to beat him! But how?" Kintober thought desperately. Then he remembered his battle with the minion. Perhaps the same was also true with the master. Kintober knew he wouldn't be able to absorb Mr. S, but he might be able to throw It off of him so Kintober could recover. Here goes nothing... Kintober thought, and snaked his hands around Mr. S' throat. The world suddenly spun and Kintober felt himself being sucked somewhere else.

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Kintober pushed himself off the floor and shook his head. He took stock of his surroundings. He seemed to be in some type of corridor from a low-budget, sci-fi/horror movie. The walls, ceiling, and floors all had some odd, black, sticky goo covering it. Every time his augmented hands touched it, he felt charged. Kintober theorized it must be because he was using the minion's powers and abilities, which by extension, was Mr. S' power and abilities. In addition to the goo, the world was bathed in an eerie glow, like the place was lit only with black lights. To top it all off, everything seemed to slightly pulse.

"This place sucks." He muttered dryly. The corridor he'd appeared in only had two directions. One stretched on into the distance, and disappeared in inky blackness, while at the other end, the light actually grew a bit stronger. Kintober took the direction with light, and after what felt like hours, finally arrived in a large room. The decor was the same as the hallway, except pipes, cords, tubes, and support beams lined the walls and ceiling; covered in the same ichor that was everywhere else. The black light seemed more luminescent now too. The place seemed to be a side room, a there was an entrance way to another area to Kintober's left. He passed through it was was slightly surprised to find a pulsing core of pure black light in the center of the room. Even more surprising was the man cocooned in cables and cords that seemed to hook into the light pillar.

"Well...that's interesting." Kintober mused. The man opened an eye, and Kintober stepped back into a defensive stance. The man surveyed his surroundings and noticed Kintober and sighed happily.

"Thank God. Someone's finally here to kill me!" He exclaimed. Kintober raised an eyebrow.

"Before I do that, mind telling me what's going on?" Kintober asked. The man nodded.

"Oh, certainly. You're actually inside Mr. Happy Smiler's mind. None to pleasant to be sure. Anyway, I was working in Vlask as part of a DeCon unit, and to make a long story short, I got tainted by Mr. S and now my physical and mental being helps maintain It's corporeal form." The man explained.

"Well that blows..." Kintober muttered.

"Tell me about it." The man replied, rolling his eyes. "Anyhow, can you kill me? I'll never be able to go back to being human, and I can't kill myself to get out of this hell. The bonus of killing me is Mr. S loses It's hold on It's corporeal form and is forced to go back to being a 'wandering spirit'(I guess) and merely haunt's people's dreams." The man explained.

Kintober thought about it. The man was already dead, but not completely. Therefore, if he was telling the truth and did die, everyone wins except for Mr. S. He looked at the man. "Sure." Kintober said, and charged an orb around his hand. With a flick of the wrist, Kintober lobbed the lethal projectile at him. The orb met some type of shield and dissipated. Both Kintober and the man frowned. "Well, darn..." Kintober muttered. He felt something and spun around just in time for one of Mr. S' attacks to throw him across the room.

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"There you are! I've been looking every for you, you little insect. Imagine how inconvenienced I am, when I'm about to annihilate your mind and place a minion in control of your body when you suddenly disappear into MY head and I have to stop what I'm doing and make sure you don't cause trouble. And here you are, trying to make a mess of things." Mr S sighed. "This is what I hate about you mortals. Always so stubborn. Always so annoyingly persistent. You never see things my way!" It growled. "And now my attacks have been limited, as we're in my own mind. Ah, well, no matter." It mused, and gripped It's cane like a sword. "I'll

you in two!" It yelled, and charged Kintober with inhuman speed.

Kintober dodged the lunge, and barely brought an orb in front of his hands to block a side-swing from Mr. S. The entity cackled and swung at him mercilessly. Kintober hopped back several times and launched the orb at Mr. S, who easily battered it into oblivion with It's cane. It lunged forward, and Kintober again found himself retreating away from the swinging metal rod. The cane itself seemed to hum with anticipation at hurting it's opponent. Kintober cursed angrily. This was total bull. He never asked for this, any of it. Never in his previous years did he think he'd be fighting an otherworldly creature that claimed to own him because of some supposed deal It made with his grandfather. Total bunk. Kintober barely parried a strike from Mr. S and decided to focus more on how to get out of his predicament. He ducked, dodged, and back-peddled as his mind raced to come up with a solution. And suddenly, he was hit with a flash of brilliance.

"You know, I've always wondered why you snuck around people's minds and didn't just force them to do it. At first I thought you were just being sneaky and was trying to hide your plans, but now I see the truth." Kintober remarked as he dodged swing.

"And what is that?" Mr. S snarled.

"It's because your weak." Kintober replied smugly. "You may think your hot stuff, but really you don't have the power or ability to directly control another person's actions. All you can do is 'persuade' them to do what you want. Face it, your WEAK!" He taunted.

"LIES! I am more powerful then any pathetic creature on this planet!" Mr. S yelled back, trying to cleave It's opponent with a wild slash.

"Hah! Keep telling yourself that as you plan little viruses in other's brains that oh-so-slowly tries to convince them to do what you want! If you were really powerful, you'd simply go to the nearest missile command and have the CO launch all the base's warheads! Instead, you prance around in the shadows, hoping one of your planted puppets will get lucky! You're nothing but a cheap hack with a few parlor tricks!"

Mr. S bellowed a cry of rage, anger, and hate. "I'LL RIP YOUR MIND APART PIECE BY PIECE! YOU'LL SUFFER FOR ALL ETERNITY! " Mr. S roared. It moved faster, hit harder, and Kintober could barely stop his blows. Good, Kintober thought. The first part of his plan was working. Now all he needed to do was steer Mr S in the right direction. Of course, gotta keep that anger up.

"Whats the matter? Can't grasp the inferior mortal emotion of humor but rage is another matter! Admit it, you're some two-bit demon who got some inane idea in your head that you can't even carry out!Your nothing! NOTHING!" Kintober taunted again. Mr. S gave an inhuman screech.

"I AM LOKI AND FENRIR COMBINED! I AM THIS WORLD'S END! I AM ARMAGEDDON! I AM BRINGER OF DEATH!" Each sentence was punctuated with a violent sword blow, that Kintober couldn't even block if he tried. The emperor merely continued backing up around the room. In It's rage, it failed to see where Kintober was leading it. Kintober finally stopped and seemed to hold his ground, orbs ready into their shield-like barriers. Mr. S screamed an unearthly sound and drove It's cane forward like an arrow from the bow. "I! AM-" It roared. Mr. S' cane plowed through the weak barriers and skewered flesh. The cocooned man's flesh.

"Screwed apparently." Kintober stated, standing next to Mr. S as It simply 'gaped' at the damage It had inadvertently caused.

"F-ing...finally..." The cocooned man wheezed, before his evaporated and his body failed. The core he was attached to began to pulse eradically and the room shuddered. Parts began to disintegrate.

Mr. S' cane evaporated and It felt It's powers draining away. "No...NO!" It bellowed. It turned towards Kintober and grabbed his armed in a death grip. Kintober was unable to escape. "I may not be able to kill you now, but I can sure take my property!" It snarled, and Kintober squirmed in pain as Mr. S sucked the blackness out of his hands. "And you're little mental aptitude, I'll be taking that too." Kintober screamed as he felt his mind being ravaged. "And lastly, know this! My plan will go forward! Even though you've beaten me, I've already found another for my cause. She's young and naive, but I think I'll be able to change that." It hissed. It shuddered as the pillar began to crack, and looked Kintober in the eyes. "I'll be returning to my own realm now. I'll survive the ensuring mental blast from the loss of my corporeal form, but I doubt you'll make it." It said with a bit of a cackle. Kintober struggled to free himself, but for nought. Mr. S looked at the pillar as it began to glow brightly. "Goodbye, doctor, forever!" Then the pillar exploded, and an all-blinding light consumed everything.


*back in the real world.*

The hand holding Kintober's head evaporated, along with the rest of Mr. S' corporeal form, and the office was empty save for Kintober once again. The man took a step forward, then his eyes rolled up and he collapsed.

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