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Like a Phoenix from the ash's of discontent Paladins of Freedom is Reborn!

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The Paladins of Freedom is a group of nations that have come together with mutual views on Unity, Honor, Truth, and Civil Order. It is our belief that honor and truth is the basis for good relations and for this alliance to be a success it depends on the success of each individual nation and therefore we look at each nation as an equal regardless of nation strength.

Joining and Leaving The Paladins of Freedom

Joining PoF

All nations are welcome to apply for membership, subject to the following:

1.The nation cannot be engaged in any wars.

2.The nation must not be considered a rogue, terrorist or be on any ZI lists.

3.The nation must be in good standing with the Cyber Nations community and not have any unresolved issues.

4.Paladins of Freedom is an Purple team alliance. Nations below 20,000 NS must be on Purple team.

Leaving PoF

1.You may leave PoF during peace-time, provided you have no outstanding debts to its members.

2.You may leave PoF during wartime, but you will be considered a deserter and may never return.

What is Expected of Our Members

1.Unity - We stand together at all times.

2.Respect - We are respectful to each other and to others outside the alliance.

3.Activity - We make an effort to be as active as possible.

4.Honor – We will be truthful in all dealings in and out of the Alliance.

1.Tech Raiding is dishonorable and strictly forbidden.

5.Sacrifice – Paladins of Freedom > Other Paladins of Freedom members' nations > Your own nation

Out of Character (OOC) Behavior and Inter-alliance Relations

2.OOC threats and attacks are strictly forbidden.

3.Impersonating another member of the Cyber Nations community is strictly forbidden.

4.Spying on other alliances, outside of the in-game spying function, is strictly forbidden.

5.Commenting on CN World Forums if Forbidden except for Members of Government.

6.Hacking is not only strictly forbidden but illegal.


The Paladins of Freedom government structure is as follows:

Ruling Council

Equal in Command.

Triumvir of War (Now till 6 Month Elections)

Triumvir of Domestic Affairs (Now till 6 Month Elections)

Triumvir Foreign Affairs (Now till 6 Month Elections)

High Council

Not in Order of Command

Lord of Economics (Appointed then Elected)

Lord of Recruitment (Appointed then Elected)

Lord of Information (Appointed then Elected)

Decision Making

The final decision, in all matters including charter adaptations and trials, will be decided by the Triumvirate.

Elections (Future Provision)

Elections are held every 3 months. All members of PoF in good standing, excluding those in the Academy, will eligible to run for an elected position providing they have been a member of the alliance for at least 14 days. (All officers to be Elected from 4 months after the adoption of this Charter)

Removal and Leaving Office

1.All (future) elected and present appointed officials below Triumvir can be removed from office at any time at the Triumvirate's discretion. If an elected or appointed official resigns or is removed from their position, a replacement will be appointed by the Triumvirate.

2.If a single Triumvir leaves office, the two remaining Triumvirs will appoint a new Triumvir. If two Triumvirs leave office at the same time, the remaining Triumvir will choose a member of the Ruling Council to replace one Triumvir. The existing and newly appointed Triumvir will then jointly appoint the third Triumvir. A Triumvir can only be removed from office by a unanimous vote of the other members of the Ruling Council.


Triumvir of War Mercs2foru

Triumvir of Domestic Affairs Paladinz (President MET)

Triumvir Foreign Affairs Hiddenshadow

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They have been around for about six months now :P

Good luck on the new government! I wish you guys the best :D

Lord Hector as most of the time is Correct we have been here this is just a New Charter and Government form!!!

But we are Glad of our Friends, and treaty partners.

0/ We are The Legion's Protectorate

0/ PEACE bloc we are members of

0/ Quantum

0/ Untouchables

0/ Last but closest to my Heart Olympus esp QH and Buff

Purple Unity!!!

Edited by President MET
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