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An announcement from the Härmlins

Bob Janova

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For the Grämlins

Today, the 5th of November, is a special day. One year ago today, one of the most important documents in history was signed. Two prominent, but very different, alliances put their names on paper to indicate their eternal friendship: the Härmlin Accords.

Hitchhiker and Grämlin go back a long way. Back in the mists of time, on 5th November 2006, two small and new alliances – one a new breakaway starting out in a new colour, one a group of economists finding their feet in the world – agreed to a mutual defence pact. The terms of this original treaty give an insight into the conditions at that time: extra reparations of $50,000 for a mistaken attack, a mandated notice period for cancelled trades and a 10% discount on tech deals. The relationship started by Jimmy K, Vinny P, R11CH, Syzygy and TWIY and the help and advice that the two young alliances gave each other quickly grew, and became a 'special relationship' for both alliances.

Perhaps the greatest test of the relationship was the Third Great War. As well as Grämlins, MHA had a relationship from their founding with NPO, and entered the fight on the side of the Initiative. Grämlins had historically been suspicious of the Initiative and became convinced that an Initiative victory in a final showdown with the League would result in the end of the free world, and entered along with other unaffiliated alliances on the side of the League. In a move foreshadowing many alliances in Karma, the two alliances stated that they would support their ally in the case of extra attackers, wished each other luck and got on with the war. As it turned out, Grämlins' opponents (Illuminati) folded quickly, and Grämlins were able to exit the wider war – special relationship intact.

After the first anniversary, challenges receded from the scene, to be replaced by better coordination on political issues. With the establishment of relations with TOP, who were already MHA's friends, and the signing of the Continuum at the end of 2007, the two alliances began to work more closely together on foreign policy. Despite the well documented issues within the Continuum, it was a good time for MHA and Grämlins, who tended to agree as the more moderate wing of the bloc on issues such as GPA. The original MDP was updated for modern times in January 2008, reflecting the continued friendship.

The BLEU war marked a first: fighting on the same side of a war. While MHA fought NV and Grämlins NpO, both alliances' conduct demonstrated their shared values (Grämlins paying for tech from Polaris, MHA waiving their reps from NV in the aftermath). Through the autumn, discussions on a special commemoration for the anniversary of our friendship were taking place, and those led eventually to the Härmlin Accords last November.

The latest year in Harmlin history has been another interesting one. In December Grämlins became the first alliance to leave a major bloc at the height of its power, after a membership referendum on the issue; MHA remained happy with Continuum as a political vehicle and stayed in it. Through the winter and spring, as tensions began to build between parts of the political web, the Continuum-Citadel link through MHA and Grämlins (along with TOP and OG) was one of the important ones that kept the peace. Of course we know how that story ends: the Continuum loses the confidence of TOP and MHA (along with Sparta) and fractures as some of its alliances launch the world into a nuclear war.

The Karma war resulted in another first: Hitchhikers and Grämlins fighting side by side. Both alliances were engaged against IRON, and in the mid-tier there was extensive cooperation between us. Along with the Project MHAwesome missions in the past, we've now got a full history of cooperation: political, economic and military.

Härmlins remains one of the strongest ties in the world, and we're looking forward to another several years!

It just remains to thank every Grämlin and every Hitchhiker, over the last three years and today, who've made this relationship what it is, and continue to do so. Many of you are now elsewhere (or nowhere), but your contributions to these special alliances are still remembered.

Happy Härmlin Day, everybody!

For the Hitchhikers

Härmlin is Eternäl. For three years, such has been proven through the united efforts of friendship, loyalty, and warm camaraderie displayed between the great alliances of Mostly Harmless and our cherished friends the Grämlins. We know not what the future holds in store, but we know that when such times come to pass, be they prosperous or wrought with tribulation, each shall have an irrefutable and close ally at its side.

Today we come forward to honor the allegiance made so long ago with what started as a mere mutual defence pact, and in more recent times made absolute on November 5th, 2008. This early connection has been honed and refined over the years, tempered by the mettle of each member to enter the fold of our two alliances. Like the blacksmith stirring his forge, the Mostly Harmless and Grämlins pooled together our resources and gave rise to the physical manifestation of our spirit: the Härmlins.

In celebrating this day, we look back to the trials we've faced, the people that have come and gone, and the leaps in development made possible through our bond. While few things remain constant since that day so long ago, the open hospitality witnessed has sparked a union that strengthens us more than anything else to transpire. On this gathering, we acknowledge the past years and hope to turn over a new leaf so that we might write the next chapter of the most powerful tale of friendship known to Cybernations.

The Härmlin Accords—that is the name of our brand of unity. Long has it stood, and longer still shall it. Härmlin is Eternäl. Remember this day, and remember the kinship that made it possible. Thank you, Grämlins. Thank you, Cybernations.

Special thanks to Kornacht for the excellent banner image, and to Tobbogon for ... well nothing at all really, but he demanded to be included.

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It's always great, especially in a game where treaties and friendships have been so easily discarded in the past, to see a relationship like this remaining intact and as strong as ever. Congratulations to both of you.

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In December Grämlins became the first alliance to leave a major bloc at the height of its power

Wouldn't VE leaving The Initiative qualify as that?

Härmlin treaty is one of the most important treaties in the history of the game, very happy to see it's still going strong.

edit: And the fact that MHA used their sanction tag to make a Härmlin tag is still incredibly awesome. :D

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