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Declaration of Existence

King Kaiser

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Hello, Cybernations this is the official announcement announcing the reformation and existence of the United Militant Corps, and the Signing of our first treaty



Preamble: This treaty signifies the mutual trust and defense agreement between The United Militant Corps and Iunctus.

I. United Militant Corps will at all times preserve peaceful relations with Iunctus any nation that declares war on an Iunctus nation will be expelled and reparations paid. Iunctus will preserve peaceful relations with The United Militant Corps any Iunctus nation that declares war on an UMC nation will be expelled and reparations paid.

II. When Iunctus or United Militant Corps is attacked by an outside nation and/or alliance, the other alliance will help the defender(s) defeat the aggressor(s) using a reasonable amount of resources to succeed.

III. If Iunctus or United Militant Corps is the aggressor to another nation and/or alliance then it is up to the other alliance to vote on whether to get involved or not. This vote must be completed and announced within 48 hours of the notification to the other alliance of the attack.

IV. All reasons for interalliance Wars MUST be shared between leaders of each alliance before hostilities begin. Failure to do so is cause for cancellation of this treaty. Small wars do not need reported between the two alliance leaders although article III comes into force if aid is required. Important international information must be shared between the two alliance’s leaders; failure to forward vital information can result in the cancellation of this treaty.

V. Inter-alliance Aid shall be given only if both rulers agree. No demanding of aid will be allowed from individual nations.

VI. This MDP is broken if any of the above are not followed correctly or if one alliance gives the other 7 days notice and an explanation as to why they are breaking it off.


Signed for UMC:

General.cj.82ndAA - General of the army

NYCE - Chief of Staff

King Kaiser- Lt. General of Foreign Affairs

Signed for Iunctus:

St.Jimmy, Chief Triumvir

SammyKhalifa, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs

August Heimmsmeyer, Triumvir of Internal Affairs

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