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Jack Grist

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I have Fish & Pigs, and i used to think that they were both bad rescources - then i checked that fish gave you 8% more Citizens, and pigs give you 3.5%, so, i can offer nations an 11.5% Population Boost, so, my trades are good!

Iv'e Always wanted to know, whats the best 2 Resources anyone can have? Wheat & Fish? 16% Population boost to anyone who trades, or Gems & Aluminium. POST YOUR OPINIONS HERE!

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Well based on my opinion, the resources that provide good bonuses are:

Marble, Fish, Lumber, Wheat, Aluminum

But to select the best 2, we must also consider the trade combinations in the game and make a decision based on wether they fit or not. The following three out of the good bonus providers make a good fit to combos:

Marble - Wheat

Aluminum - Marble

Lumber - Wheat

I'd have to say, the best is Aluminum and Marble.

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my lumber-water resources rock

since I have them offcourse :D

and because infra reduction + no land purchases needed makes a starting nation grow quickly and the resources get traded alot.

narrows list down to 150......

As soon as you have to resources which are key to both the 5 bonus setup, or 3 bonus setup, you are fine.

My aluminum and lumber always make it easy.

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Fish-Wheat is excellent because even if you are short on resources you always have a high population. That means that as well as having no trouble in normal circumstances getting perfect trades, you can field a large army even if you're sanctioned, you can always get the most improvements and so on.

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affleunet population isn't that great.

You want to aim for construction, beer and fast food as your bonuses.

lol, i meant to put 'not great' lol, my mistake, and i have Beer, Fast food, but i dont want construction since such a change now could screw up my nation.

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To answer the above. Fish and wheat is resources everyone aims for. So 90% of people will have them. That means a lot of people with them together are left out.

Thats why I think rerolling your nation is stupid and bad. Unless you have Furs and lead together I don't see the point in it.

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I have fish and wheat and people aren't lining up to trade with me... Someone wanna explain that?

Relatively small team?


Any combo of Wheat, Fish, Lumber, Iron, Marble, Aluminum is extremely good although Wheat, Fish is probably the best. If you have any combo of Wheat, Fish, Lumber, Iron, Marble, Aluminum, Pigs, Spices, Cattle, Sugar and Water you are pretty much set.

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