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Tennessee Civil War


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NEWS ALERT / Public Press

The Tennessee Great Assembly reconvened on Monday.

Tensions between the great states have risen over the past while because the states have seen a lack of vigor and leadership from the federal government. It is the view of many of the states that the federal system that Tennessee has recently been operating under has failed to achieve significant results as was originally planned. Many of the representatives are uneasy as the climate heats up at the state level.

PRIVATE JOURNAL / Wisconsin State Representative / Ned Collins

It seems to me that these states that have since joined the Federation by their own accords now will to go again under their own. The Tennessee federal government has time and time again proved ineffective in managing a sprawling nation that has expanded beyond it's own capable hands. Whether or not these states will go through with it, I don't know. I feel that Wisconsin will though. The people here have too long been under the rule of others; their land treated as a commodity and a playground for the bigger dogs around them. Should the state take the initiative to become its own, I feel it only necessary as a patriot unto my home to follow her and raise her up...

PRIVATE / President / Magnimer

"I've been President far too long. Being the leader of a nation that has been pieced together is virtually impossible. I have tried to maintain it for as long as I could. The people have feared a strong central government... I believe their fears shall come to haunt them."

OOC: Obviously the topic title tells where this is headed. Feel free to post thoughts, observations, or whatever. I don't really want any "outside" forces to be that involved. Anyway, I'll try and keep this moving forward!

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OOC: I'll be watching. Looks like it'll be well-done--you already have the best groundwork laid.

OOC: Indeed, this is getting interesting, so to say. :D


"New England watches the situation unfolding in its neighbor with great concern. We hope this situation can be resolved peacefully."

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In the Wisconsin Legislature:

Bill 00676 to hit the floor today.

An Act to Absolve Ties to the Tennessee Federation

This bill is sponsored by Al Timmons. Follows, a record of his opening statements defending his proposal:

"Today my friends, I present a solution. A solution to end ties to a failing far-off bureaucracy that is of no benefit to us or to our people. Tennessee may have at one point in history have been a solution to our problems, but today, it is the root of problems. Military invasions took pieces of Tennessee away and many other attacks have been thrust upon the country with little or no retaliation. Defense should be a nation's priority. It is not Tennessee's. My friends, our integrity is not safe with Tennessee. It can no longer fulfill its commitments to us. It is time we take action. It is time we leave. We came into this union, we shall leave it. My friends, a new time is dawning. A time with stability. A time with peace. A time where our people are safe and contented. A time we must begin now."

There were no objections to continue the bill to a vote...

Vote: 234 Pro

0 Con

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OOC: Crap. Thanks for that. It's been a long time. It used to be mine. :) I'll fix all that right now.

Yay! It's fixed! It really doesn't matter where it is so long as it isn't Tennessee itself... But thanks for that!

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The passage of the Wisconsin ( :) ) secession bill has obviously sparked a series of huge events.

Of course, the first action came from the Tennessee executive.

"This act is an act of treason. It is a cowardly action. It goes against what has defined and what has built up this nation."

The military was put on the ready and was ordered to Wisconsin to ensure order.

The following day, similar proposals were set forth in the States of Illinois and Indiana. On November 7th, 2009, both states had passed their resolutions to secede.

Magnimer expanded on his Wisconsin action and ordered the military to "ensure tranquility" in the States.

Kentucky has not taken any actions to secede and has condemned the actions of its neighbors over the Ohio River.

The federal representatives of the seceding states left Nashville and returned to their home states.

"The Federal Government of Tennessee does not recognize the resolutions passed by the States north of the Ohio."

It has been rumored that delegates from the three states are meeting in North Port (Chicago).

More news is to come as things develop.

OOC: It's a little spazzy I know. It's kind of a series of headlines put together. It's the easiest way to intro what is going on though... It'll get deeper as the premise is set up. :)

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The government of Tennessee notes the Old Dominion's offer but doesn't take any further action. (OOC: Cause nothing's wrong according to them yet... Also, I'm working on the story a little bit offline and I'll probably get it up next week some time because I'm on a break then.)

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